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Clacton Coastal Academy students visit Anglia Ruskin University

On Wednesday 7th March, 26 Year 8 students from Clacton Coastal Academy visited Anglia Ruskin University as part of a trip jointly organised by IntoUniversity and Clacton Coastal Academy.

Designed to give younger students the opportunity to experience a taste of university life and raise awareness of degrees and careers in the medical sector, IntoUniversity and the ARU student ambassadors laid on a day full of hands on opportunities to learn.

The day started with a campus tour guided by the ARU ambassadors, the students were in awe at the cutting edge, industry standard facilities in the paramedic and midwifery faculties.

CCA Students are given a campus tour by an Anglia Ruskin University student ambassador

This was followed by an opportunity for CCA students to talk to the ARU ambassadors in smaller groups and ask questions about the ambassador's experiences of university life, their chosen courses and career goals.

The day culminated in sessions where the ambassadors ran mini workshops with the CCA students given them a hands on taste of what their degree courses and future careers involve.A medical science student demonstrated how to examine organisms under a professional microscope.

A medical science student demonstrates how to use a professional microscope.

Paramedic students gave demonstrations on different methods of resuscitation.

CCA students are given guidance on how to correctly administer CPR

And midwifery students gave a demonstration of how to undertake basic checks and measurements for pregnant mothers.

A lesson in how to check the size of a developing baby.

To close the day, CCA students thanked the university staff and ambassadors for putting on an excellent and insightful day. CCA students left on the minibuses buzzing with the excitement of future career aspirations and the valuable first hand experience of visiting a university campus.

Year 8 Subject Selections

As discussed with many parents at the recent parents evening year 8 have the opportunity to focus on subjects on the curriculum, that they are enjoying and at which they are doing well. This week on Thursday sees a day of subject selection conferences for our students during which they will be able to discuss with staff what the options are and which ones may suit them better.

All students will continue to study the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, PE and SMSC next year.  In addition to this, students may choose from the following options:

At least TWO subjects from:

  • Business, ICT and Computing

  • French

  • Geography

  • History

No more than TWO subjects from:

  • Art

  • Drama and Dance

  • Hospitality

  • Music

  • Technology

Students will study these courses from September 2018 for one year. They may choose to continue with these subjects in year 10 and 11 as GCSE/BTEC courses or they may choose to add new subjects in place of these. Subjects currently available for study in year 10 beyond the subjects students are already familiar with are Business, Child care, Design Engineer Construct, Health and Social Care, Media, Sociology and Smart Product Design.

We look forwards to working with your child in the next few weeks to make the selections that will take them to the next phase of their educational journey.'

Changes to year 11 exams

The online business public exam for Friday 2nd March has been cancelled.  
Provisionally rearranged to Friday 9th March

The national testing NFER tests which were set for today have been rearranged to 9:30am on Wednesday 7th March

Year 11 science mock exams that were due to be sat on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday this week have been moved to next week starting on Monday.  

Please make sure year 11 you are still revising for business, science and completing the other work set for you by your teachers today.  
There is not much time left...

Year 9 options evening

Due to the current and expected poor weather Year 9 options evening will be rearranged to Thursday 8th March.

It was a privilege to welcome Dave Hill, Executive Director Social Care and Education, Essex County Council to Clacton Coastal Academy.  His visit was in response to the following post: " I intend to begin a debate about how in the various ‘places’ that comprise Essex we can develop and bring alive the debate about the link between education, skills and jobs. The County Council is determined to ensure that how we shape places is considered as part and parcel of how we plan for education and schools." At Clacton Coastal Academy our vision is that the CCA way leads to successful employment.

Mr Hill met with four of our sixth form students currently on work placements alongside their sixth form studies.  Sam Boone and John Haylett, year 13 students have been based at Ingleton Wood and we were delighted that partner, Laura Mansell-Thomas joined us for the lunch to represent our employers. Sam will work for Ingleton Wood on the conclusion of his studies and work towards his degree whilst working for the company. John has an unconditional offer from Anglia Ruskin University to study building surveying. Harry Harvey is coaching students at Cann Hall Primary and Chloe O'Reilly working with children at Whitehall Little Stars as they both work towards their career aspirations in coaching or teaching whilst completing qualifications in sport and childcare.

John de la Cruz talked about the work of our media team in house and the in house catering sixth form team prepared and served the most amazing lunch.

Younger students Riley Foreman, Zac Starkey and Tomas Blanchette talked about how their "period 4" each week has inspired them into careers in business and law. Zac already has a thriving business from the "tenner challenge" club he attends during period 4, a new initiative to put extra-curricular clubs into the school day.

It was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how Clacton Coastal Academy is linking education, skills and jobs.

Mr Hill stated: “I enjoyed the visit enormously and was thoroughly impressed by the quality  of initiatives I saw during the visit. As you know preparing young people for the ‘world of work’ is an issue that I put great emphasis on and the range and depth of approaches throughout the school was truly an example of what can be done with determination, great leadership and some entrepreneurial spirit!”

Change to First Group Bus Services

We have been advised by First Buses that there will be some changes to their services with effect from Sunday 18th February 2018.  Please take time to look at the services affected as some areas will no longer be covered and some direct links will no longer be available.


There are no changes to services 2- Clacton to Mistley, 5/5a-Clacton-Flatford Drive or 7/8-Clacton to Walton Naze.


As some of these changes may have an effect on student travel, bellow are links to the timetables for services that have changed.


Should you require any further information please contact  Customer Services on 0345 6020121 or check the website at


 3 Timetables  4 Timetables  6 Timetables 74 Timetables  76 Timetables 

"Firebreak" Pass Out Parade at Clacton Fire Station

19th January 2018

Eleven Yr 8, 9 & 10 students from Clacton Coastal Academy attended a five day Firebreak course held at Clacton Fire Station, and proudly had their Pass Out Parade on Friday 19th January.  

Miss Hilton & Mrs Granger from the Academy attended along with parents and carers.

Miss Hilton told the students:

“On behalf of staff at Clacton Coastal Academy, we are extremely proud of you, and feel very privileged to come and watch you all today. Many of you have overcome big challenges and I commend you all & hope you have learnt many things from this experience.

Also, I’d like to say thank you to Alan Webb, Lead Instructor, and all the staff involved in the project for giving CCA students this opportunity!"

Clacton Coastal Academy teacher selected to be a UK Parliament Teacher Ambassador

A TEACHER will rub shoulders with the great and the good in the corridors of power after being chosen to take part in special training sessions at the Houses of Parliament.

Andrew Oldershaw, learning director for humanities at Clacton Coastal Academy, was chosen from more than 170 hopefuls to attend the three-day event.

More than 700 teachers from across the country have joined the training programme since it was launched in 2006.

The sessions are designed to give teachers an in-depth understanding of how the Houses of Commons and Lords work.


Andrew will get the chance to quiz House of Commons Speaker John Bercow and Lord Fowler, who is the current Speaker in the Lords.

Clacton MP Giles Watling said he was delighted Andrew is getting the chance to hear from politicians of all parties about their work.

He said: “Teachers have so many opportunities to engage young people with Parliament and democracy and having met many of the students at Clacton Coastal Academy, I am well aware of their passion for politics.

“I know they will benefit from Andrew’s experience and time in Parliament.”

Budding medics get recognition

A GROUP of Year Ten pupils have been invited to a medical conference to recognise their academic achievements.

Students from Clacton Coastal Academy were invited to the event at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford.

As part of the two-day event pupils were given an insight into careers in healthcare and medicine.

They also got the chance given the opportunity to develop more practical clinical skills, giving them a hands-on experience of life as a medic.

The School spokesman events and community manager Lynda Baksh said: “All students were engaged throughout both of the days, and it was truly inspiring to see our young people so full of enthusiasm and aspiring to achieve great things for their future.

Secondary School Applications for September 2018

if you have put Clacton Coastal Academy as your first choice, we will guarantee your place and start transition early.  

If this is the case, please email us on contactus@clactoncoastalacademy.org with your child's full name, your name, your address and current primary school as we don't receive this information until March otherwise.

We will then be in contact with details of transition activities throughout the year.

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