Welcome to Clacton Coastal Academy


Dear Parents

We were delighted this week to receive our report from our recent Inclusion Quality Mark review. 

We are delighted with the recognition given to the approaches taken by the academy. 

"I am well aware that your staff work hard to ensure all students have the best possible outcome. The efforts made to provide for the most able as well as the disadvantaged did not go unnoticed. The progress with marking and feed-back and the linking of performance management targets to both the Academy Improvement Plan and teaching and learning have been impressive. The tracking of individual student progress and the intervention strategies used to ensure that all children are safe, protected and enjoy their education are a strong feature of the school’s ethos." 

The assessors concluding remarks are: 

"Clacton Coastal Academy is an example of a school committed to meet the needs of its children and is outstanding in its commitment to, and implementation of, inclusive practice. It is an outstanding, caring environment for students where high expectations have a huge impact on attainment, progress and wellbeing. The commitment of all staff, pupils and governors to a shared ethos are strengths of the school." 

Thank you for working with us so that all have the opportunity to achieve those high expectations and meet the needs of our children. 

Kind regards 

Stephanie Neill 

Head of Academy 

Dear Parents/Carers

We are always concerned about the safety of our students as they travel to and from the academy and we work with them regularly on the issues of Road Safety. 

Unfortunately, we have recently received reports of cars being parked on the large paved area of footpath at the crossing of Pathfields Road and Douglas Road, causing our students to walk in the road to pass them.  This is obviously a risk to their safety, and I would appeal to parents and carers not to park in this area when collecting your children from the Academy. 


Thank you for your continued support.

Citizens in Year 7 and 8


We have appointed students as citizen ambassadors. They are students in year 7 and 8 who we recognise are always polite, respectful and demonstrate a great example to others.  From Monday all students in year 7 and 8 will be working on becoming a better citizen.  This will focus on the respect they show to others.


To assist with this students have had assemblies where it's been explained how we expect them to move around the Academy, line up for lessons, enter the classroom, be respectful to the teacher and others, and leave the lesson calmly.   


As staff we will all be working on being consistent with this so students learn more quickly and less teaching time is lost.


Usual blazer rules apply up until break. 

From break onwards, students may remove their blazers. 

When required to put blazers on (for example awards, any other formal occasion) students are still expected to do so.