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A level results 2017

This year again Clacton Coastal Academy recognises the notable achievements of their students.

The position of best results and best improvement since GCSE goes to Jack Carpentiere.   Jack has shown a steady improvement over his time at CCA, having arrived in year 7 with average results from primary school he completes his sixth form studies with an impressive 3 A grades and an A* grade.Jack has achieved this through hard work and determination, overcoming challenges along the way.  He was a great support to other students during revision, giving up his own time to support others.   He has strongly deserved his place at the University of Sussex to study Criminology and Sociology.

Ben Rockell continues his story of success at CCA.  As a former head boy, he is a young man whose confidence and determination has shone throughout all his years in the school.  He has achieved A*, 2As and 1B.  He has been accepted at the University of Warwick to study History and Politics, he will be a name we will be looking out for in the future.

Jack achieved his A* grade in Philosophy and Ethics and Ben achieved his A grade in Law through studying with the VI6 programme. This is a collaboration of schools working with the University of Essex.  Students from all schools study together based at the University of Essex, taught by the best teachers from the schools in the collaboration.  This is the first year of results and Jack and Ben have certainly prospered with this arrangement and been able to achieve more A levels than would have been possible without it.

Other notable performances are from Henry Bartlett with 2A s and a C and Chloe Franklin with A*, 2Bs, C and a Distinction in performing arts.

At Clacton Coastal Academy the focus is on every student being successful in employment.  Our sixth form has a very strong vocational set of courses with students gaining vital experience as part of their studies.  Outstanding results have been achieved again this year with grades in technical levels averaging at the top end of a distinction grade.  

The top performance was achieved by Holly Wynn with 5 distinction* in Hospitality and Business.  She will go on to study International Hospitality and Management at the University of Surrey.  She has been a key player in the creation and implementation of the CCA student run restaurant.  She has been a great inspiration to younger students considering this career path.

Additional outstanding performances were achieved by Amy Buck, Ernestas Kazemekas and Rebecca Madden all with 4 distinction* in Health, Law, Media or IT.

A level achievements have not just been restricted to the sixth form.  Rosanna Day, winner of the Learning Achievement Award at the Tendring Youth Awards, has achieved a grade C in AS level creative writing whilst only in year 8.  

Mrs Neill, Principal said “we are very proud that at CCA students from year 8 through to adult members of staff have received excellent A level results.  Our approach to readiness for employment in our sixth form is unique and we are delighted with the exemplary BTEC results achieved by so many learners.  For all our students now progressing to University, apprenticeships and employment, we wish them every success.”

End of Term Arrangements


Dear Parent/Guardian,

On Friday 21st July the Academy will be dismissing students on a staggered basis throughout the day.

Below you will find the dismissal time for your child.  Lunch for Year 8 students will run as normal at 12.20pm and they are welcome to remain onsite for lunch if they wish to.  In addition any students who cannot for any reason go home at the earlier time will be allowed to wait in a supervised area.  Please notify the student hub if your child will be staying.  However you should also be aware that the academy will be closing in full at 13:00pm and we will be unable to accommodate students for any later than this time.

Year 10


Year 9


Year 8


Year 7



Parents of Year 10 students may like advance warning that we are trialling a different date for Year 10 awards.  This is due to Danbury week and Year 10 Work Experience opportunities that many Year 10 students participate in.  In order to ensure that all students can celebrate together we will be holding the end of Year 10 awards on the first day back for Year 11.  We hope that students will find this a really positive way to begin such an important year in their school career.

The staff of Clacton Coastal Academy would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of our students throughout the last academic year.

Year 7 and 11 will return to the school on Tuesday 5th September.

All other year groups are expected to attend school on Wednesday 6th September.

 We wish you and your families a happy, healthy and safe summer.

Yours sincerely,

S. Young

Mrs S. Young


Student Development and Well-Being



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