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End of Term Arrangements

July 2017





Dear Parent/Guardian,

On Friday 21st July the Academy will be dismissing students on a staggered basis throughout the day.

Below you will find the dismissal time for your child.  Lunch for Year 8 students will run as normal at 12.20pm and they are welcome to remain onsite for lunch if they wish to.  In addition any students who cannot for any reason go home at the earlier time will be allowed to wait in a supervised area.  Please notify the student hub if your child will be staying.  However you should also be aware that the academy will be closing in full at 13:00pm and we will be unable to accommodate students for any later than this time.

Year 10


Year 9


Year 8


Year 7



Parents of Year 10 students may like advance warning that we are trialling a different date for Year 10 awards.  This is due to Danbury week and Year 10 Work Experience opportunities that many Year 10 students participate in.  In order to ensure that all students can celebrate together we will be holding the end of Year 10 awards on the first day back for Year 11.  We hope that students will find this a really positive way to begin such an important year in their school career.

The staff of Clacton Coastal Academy would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of our students throughout the last academic year.

Year 7 and 11 will return to the school on Tuesday 5th September.

All other year groups are expected to attend school on Wednesday 6th September.

 We wish you and your families a happy, healthy and safe summer.

Yours sincerely,

S. Young

Mrs S. Young


Student Development and Well-Being



Key Dates for Summer Term

Year Group Award Ceremonies

Year 8      11th July

 Year 9      13th July

Year 7      17th July 

NB. Year 10 Awards will be held at the start of

Year 11 in September


Send Transition Day

27th June 2017

Year 6 Transition Day

12th July 2017

Year 5 Taster Day

18th July 2017


Danbury blog: Day 1

"Enchanted" Danbury was spellbinding from the start on Day 1 with our excited and curious cohort of Mermaids, Trolls, Unicorns, Fairies, Imps,Elves, Sirens, Dragons, Leprechauns and Pixies eagerly chatting in their teams hearing stories from their Leaders about the fun to come on our Enchanted week building the CCA community at Camp.

Team photos were taken with our students fresh and optimistic and the teams boarded the Coaches in a quick and efficient manner and we were off on our adventure!

After a packed lunch, and friendship groups making "homes" of their tents, the students were whisked off by Danbury Instructors to Master the Obstacle Course, fly by on the Zip Wire, beat the Climbing Wall, experience the magic of Aerial Trekking and Tree Tops, Canoe their way down the river in the beaming sunshine and take that "Leap of Faith", all working to support each other and win valuable points for their Enchanted teams.

We sat down to a feast of meat or vegetable pasties, potatoes, vegetables and gravy (with rich chocolate cake to follow) served enthusiastically by Danbury catering staff who wore special "Unicorn shower caps" in our honour- complete with horn! They informed our staff (affectionately known as "Ogres") that this gesture is purely for CCA as they look forward to our stay every year and the respect our young people show to everyone at Danbury.

We entered the realms of the Danbury Fashion Show , throwing caution to the wind, and working into the evening as teams and 1 CCA Community.

A tired but happy group of Enchanted campers are resting in their tents after hot chocolate or tea and biscuits in readiness for more magical experiences on Day 2

Danbury blog: Day 2

The CCA Camp woke in an Enchanted Forest to the sound of birds and children playing, plus the sweet smell of fresh bread and bacon to start Day 2. Breakfast was a veritable feast of cereals, fresh fruit, yogurts, scrambled eggs and hash browns to accompany the bacon and baguette, with laughter filling the marquee in readiness.

Imps were busy flying through the air on the Zip Wire and Leap of Faith and Fairies wound their way through the Obstacle Course in the forest and in the Tree Tops. Canoeing and getting wet were the order of the day for Pixies and Sirens, with Elves and Unicorns happy Climbing the Wall and riding Mountain Bikes , where helping each other to be more confident was paramount .Aerial Trekking proved a rewarding challenge for both Mermaids and Leprechauns with Trolls and Dragons at loggerheads on BMX!

An exhausted community relished in a Lunch of jacket potatoes and various fillings to set them up for CCA led Activities including a Dance Off and Volleyball prior to a burger and chicken drumstick spread with wedges and salad. Many students have tried foods they would never dream of and will bring home orders for croissants, corn on the cob and even vegetables !

We were visited by Mrs Neill (our Chief Wizard) to pick her brains at the Danbury Quiz and first saw the rain fall during Dinner. We were soon in the thick of tent securing, waterproof jacket wearing and torch guiding as groups helped each other, always with compassion and a sense of humour, to get settled in a downpour of epic proportions ! 

Hoping the rain would stop we said our goodnights and listened to the sound of rain on tarpaulin all the way through to the morning . We were greeted by a small patch of blue sky and so may smiles on the faces of our students who had emerged victorious as a united community in the rain ! 

Danbury Blog: Day 3

Day 3 dawned at last, after the diverse meteorological challenges of last night, everyone was ecstatic to see the sunshine return, puddles disappear and smiles and wellies everywhere. We breakfasted on the choice of croissant or pain au chocolat, cereals, yogurts and bacon whilst we deliberated over the artwork to come. Dreamcatchers needed to be made, Enchanted posters to be researched and decorated for display in our Enchanted Marquee and much "Thinking Outside the Box" to be done with CCA Ogres (Staff!).

After all this excitement we feasted on pizza and salad for lunch and chatted as a community about the upcoming Enchanted Danbury session from an idea one of our Year 9 Deputy Leaders invented. The plan was for each team to create an easy game for all the other teams to enjoy and create a Carousel for everyone to take part in every game team by team. Staff appointed a Year 7 Junior Leader for each team for the session, to allow Year 7 students to gain in confidence and begin to bridge the leadership gap, and create a goal of applying to interview as a Year 9 Leader for Danbury 2019.

Danbury was truly full of "Enchantment" as the Team Carousel filled with laughter and it was a joy to see our students playing and helping each other, with the younger boys and girls helping to lead the session.

Dinner was a roast dinner and strawberry waffle before a huge game of volleyball in camp, keeping students busy until the fire pit glowed magically through the forest.  Our young people, in 3 separate year groups but 1 big "family", danced and sang together into the moonlit evening before going to bed and chatting in their tents about more Danbury led activities tomorrow and the Great Enchanted Games !

Points, points, points !!

Danbury Blog: Day 4

Thursday saw a  welcome breakfast of bacon, sausage and  croissants and teams discussing plans for even more adventures, including the pinnacle of Danbury events, the Enchanted Olympics!  After a morning of yet more enthralling experiences with the " Danbury" ABC of Archery, BMX and Canoeing though to Tree Tops and Zip Wire, the Olympics were fought and won by dedicated  campers, whilst group support for the community was paramount throughout.

The thought of Fame and Fortune when plans were set for Enchanted Danbury was both tangible and overwhelming as students spent the time, after a baguette Lunch, to plan how to "Wow" the judges at the Extravaganza to follow in the evening. 

There are no words to do justice to the way our CCA students worked as a team to present a dazzling and Enchanted display of talent and fun. The evening was beyond memorable with emotions running high and no one wanting to admit we were destined to leave in the morning !  

Thank you Danbury for your phenomenal hospitality and thank you to our parents for the pleasure of taking your children on this life changing and Enchanted experience. We will see you at CCA on Friday at approx 2pm.

The End

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From Monday 26th June, student will be able to begin making their choices for our final Employability Day of this academic year. Please click here for more information.