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Dear Parents

This week our exam students have been working extremely hard with a very heavy schedule of public exams. On Friday Year 11 will have their leaving assembly and shirt signing but will be back after half term to finish their exams and work for other qualifications. As students complete they will be signed off to allow them to officially finish for the summer. We look forward to many of them returning to us on our wide range of Sixth Form programmes in September. 

I continue to be delighted with the way our students have responded to our "no warnings" and mobile phone rules. The article in the Gazette is included in this newsletter and I am very pleased with the way the paper has represented the Academy in terms of the reasons for the change. 

From Monday 6th June we will move to our summer blazer rules. 

Students must still arrive in blazers and these should be worn according to our blazer policy until break. From break onwards students will not be required to wear their blazers but may carry them over their arm, not in a bag, if they are finding it too hot to wear them. They will not receive a sanction for not wearing a blazer from break time. For formal occasions they will be required to wear their blazers regardless of the time of day. 

May I finally wish you all an enjoyable bank holiday weekend and our students a restful half term. Along with Year 11 and 13, many of us will be in over the holiday to help prepare students for their exams in the first week back 

Kind Regards Kind Regards 

Stephanie Neill 

Head of Academy 

The existing Academy blazer rules:

The rules on blazers are that they should be worn from when students enter the school gates until they leave at the end of the day.

They are allowed to remove them outside at break and lunch.

In the classroom they may ask permission from the teacher to remove their blazer but they must put them on again when they leave at the end of the lesson.