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YLG keep the community safe.

posted 12 Oct 2017, 05:32 by H Slim

Pupils belonging to CCA's powerful student voice movement, the YLG (Youth Leadership Group) have recently signed up for a number of campaigns for this academic year. 

They met on Monday for the first of these, the Road Safety Amabassador scheme which sees twenty five YLG pupils tackle the important issue of improving safety on our roads for the good of all.

Donna Bond, from the Essex Highways team, worked alongside pupils as they generated some excellent ideas in sub teams in preparation for launch during CCA's own Road Safety Awareness week. Students thought carefully about their target market and their strapline, before presenting their best ideas for their own campaigns. 

We look forward to meeting again to put the ideas into action. The focus varies from team to team so that Road Safety is tackled from all angles, and for all audiences whether it be a primary aged focus of   "stop, look and listen," addressing drivers who use mobile phones or families who may not know the law about seat belts and car seats. 

Teams shared their vision about how they would lead their campaign, with ideas such as: questionnaires to encourage self reflection about driving, delivering a play in primary schools, creating special high viability merchandise and designing an assembly to target students whose earphones/mobiles cause a lack of focus. Quinn Taylor's team raised the relevant issue of teens using bikes carelessly and performing stunts in the road; he and YLG pals Mitchell Stevens and Harry Clarke plan to create a video to dissuade youngsters from this action.

Once again the YLG demonstrated outstanding leadership and Donna Bond commented that she had never seen such enthusiasm or range of ideas before. Well done the YLG! 

Essex Schools Get Ready for Step Live!

posted 19 May 2017, 04:37 by Google Google   [ updated 19 May 2017, 04:38 ]

Students Look Forward to Their Futures at Bumper Careers Fair

posted 24 Jan 2017, 02:48 by Nicholas Basson   [ updated 24 Jan 2017, 02:50 ]

VI6 Shortlisted For Times Educational Awards

posted 15 Dec 2016, 04:55 by Nicholas Basson   [ updated 15 Dec 2016, 04:59 ]


The VI6 project which allows sixth form students to experience A levels in a higher educational setting was shortlisted in the prestigious Times Higher Education Awards in the Widening Participation and Outreach Initiative of the Year category. The VI6 project is the only project of its kind in the country where students can gain a head start in experiencing university life while pursuing the subjects that really inspire them. The programme is a partnership between the University of Essex, Clacton County High School, Philip Morant School and College, Clacton Coastal Academy, The Colne Community College and Thurstable High School. It has offered a wider choice of subjects for students and those who have participated in the programme have valued the opportunities to study subjects they might not be able to access in their own schools and see what university life is like. The facilities are excellent and there is an ongoing programme of joint sessions; lectures; seminars and activities to prepare students for their next steps. Thanks to the VI6 project student applications for higher education at partner schools have increased to 87%. The links between schools and the University of Essex have become closer thanks to the VI6 project and this really supports our work with students. The subjects currently offered at VI6 are Further Maths; Economics; French; Philosophy and Ethics; and Geography. If you wish to be considered for this programme as an option within your studies, please contact Miss Leatherby.


posted 14 Oct 2016, 07:42 by Unknown user

This week saw the YLG (our SMSC Student Voice group) lead the way on a national project championed by the organisation Citizens UK. The plight of the 387 refugee children stranded in Calais has made headline news; these children have a legal right to be in the UK where their families already reside.

Initially YLG students met with Jean-Michel of Citizens UK who shared the reality of Syrian children’s harrowing experiences. They worked in mixed year group teams to design both a campaign and a viral filmed clip, with the hope that the viral footage would spread quickly and incite other schools to create their own short films to support the 387 children. Children from Alton Park Primary school came to CCA to work alongside our talented YLG at this early stage, arguably a rewarding experience for all.

Our passionate YLG have since visited a number of local primary schools to take the lead in assemblies, sharing their knowledge of the conditions in both Syria and Calais. Our YLG also inspired our CCA students to act now, by encouraging their participation in the viral film clip. The aim is to show students ripping up leaves (to represent the “jungle” in Calais) with the words on the leaves symbolising the many necessities that these refugee children have lost but which we take for granted: family, warmth, food, security, etc.  (All ideas behind the clip were generated by the YLG students themselves).

CCA’s own sixth form Media students played a crucial role in this project. They have tirelessly filmed each clip and supported the complex editing process. They are not only instrumental in ensuring CCA has a powerful clip to release, but their skills have also been gratefully received by many local primaries who are following CCA in producing a campaign for the 387 children.

This is no doubt an exciting and worthy project that has drawn on the many talents of our committed students at CCA. The YLG and all those they have inspired now hope that by going viral, we really will be standing up for the children in Calais, to keep families together and ensure that all children’s voices are always heard. #Standupforthe387!

A level and BTEC results Key Stage 5 Clacton Coastal Academy 2016

posted 18 Aug 2016, 06:57 by Nicholas Basson   [ updated 18 Aug 2016, 06:57 ]

Clacton Coastal Academy are delighted with this year’s Key Stage 5 Results.

The grades achieved by students at A level are on average half a grade higher than last year, showing the dedication of this year group to achieve very well.  

This year there are new measures for vocational qualifications and students excelled in both of these, averaging Distinction- in general qualifications and Distinction+ in tech levels.  Tech levels were introduced to recognise students specialising in technical occupations and are recognised by professional bodies. The average of a Distinction+, nearly a grade higher than the national average, shows the commitment at Clacton Coastal Academy to students achieving qualifications that lead them into successful employment.

64% of students achieved an A*-B grade or equivalent. 

60 students have University places and will go on to continue their studies in Accounting, Marine Biology, Hotel Management, Business Management, Education, Psychology, Law, English Language, Nursing, Fine Art, Motorsport Technology, Marketing, Photography, Early Childhood Studies, Sports and Exercise Science, Bioscience, Digital Film Production, Paramedic Science

Top performers include Yarik Chervonyy with A grades in Russian, Financial Studies and 
B grades in History and Government and Politics.  He plans to continue his studies at the University of Liverpool in Business Economics.  

Rosie Elliott’s A grades in Art and Photography, along with her C grades in English Language and Creative Writing, see her on her way to study Fine Art at University College Suffolk.   Rosie will be joined by Cara Follon studying English at UCS having achieved strong grades in History and English.

Alice Nevard’s passion for Psychology is evident from her A grades in Psychology and Sociology and she plans to continue her studies at University of Sussex.  Elise Ellis’ Distinction* grades will enable her to study Psychology at Loughborough University.

Chloe Simper has the opportunity to study Medicine after her excellent results in Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

Law continues to be a popular choice of study and students who achieved Distinction* alongside another Distinction* in other subjects have plans to continue in education: Jack Haylett, Film Studies, Essex University; Leoni Kluth, Law, Kingston University, Jordan Reeve, Accounting, UCS; Chris Simson, Sport and Exercise Science, UCS; Hollie Till, Politics, Essex University.

Charlie-Jay Williams with a triple Distinction* in Information Technology has met his offer from the University of Lincoln to study Computer Science.

Head of Academy Mrs Neill said,  “I am delighted with these results.  Students chose Key Stage 5 courses where they could be successful and have been rewarded with their choice of University places.  Teaching staff have carefully tracked their progress leading to expected results on Results Day.  I am delighted to see so many students who have been part of the CCA way for their whole secondary school time, now ready for the next stage of their education and employment journey. ”

Top A level Performer Yarik

Top performer at A level this year is Yarik Chervonyy with A grades in Russian, Financial Studies and B grades in History and Government and Politics.  
Yarik moved to the UK at the age of 6 from the Ukraine for a life of better opportunity and to be able to succeed to the benefit of all his family.
After having to learn English, he quickly discovered he didn’t have to work too hard to do well.
Through secondary school, he describes himself as one of the worst students and that he should have been kicked out.    It was teachers believing in him that has brought his success.

His first year of sixth form was a disaster, Us across the board.  So he started again, and half way through that year, realised he needed to turn things around.  He really wanted to go to University, all his family had gone to University in the Ukraine; having come to the UK it would be a disaster if he was the first not to go.
So he stayed in school until 5 o’clock in the evening, is very grateful to Mr Oldershaw, Mr Sears and Mr Tooze for all their support.  
After 8 years at the school, he now is pleased to leave with the reputation of the top A level student, not the reputation he had previously held.  He hopes his story will inspire others.
“I can’t believe it, it hasn’t really sunk in.  Two years ago I would never have thought this was possible.”

Danbury Camp 2016

posted 21 Jul 2016, 05:38 by H Slim   [ updated 21 Jul 2016, 05:38 ]

95 valiant CCA students led the Olympiad expedition to Danbury for the Ancient Greek adventure of a lifetime. They were armed with team posters from Apollo to Aphrodite, Hermes to Hercules! 

10 teams were bravely led by 6th Formers, working with Year 9 Deputy Leaders who had interviewed to be successful, to support the Year 7's in their groups in this epic extravaganza. 

High ropes were climbed, canoes rowed, obstacles over-come and bikes ridden with happy campers also enjoying CCA led activities and sessions like "The Invasion" to build a Trojan Horse, Achilles' Heel to discuss and improve issues that may stand in our way, and Artwork in the "Coloursium". 

Our league of students sung through the evening at our Campfire and wowed each other with their talents at the Final Show in the “Coloursium” on Thursday, before returning to CCA on Friday a strong and united community. 

Several Year 7s and 9s were heard to say that they were looking forward to hopefully returning in Year 9 or 6th Form, if successful at interview, to lead this great trip where age has no boundaries to friendship and the CCA wider community has strength in Olympic proportions. 

Mrs Newland and Mr Seager 

CCA Speak Out Challenge 2016

posted 1 Jul 2016, 03:33 by H Slim   [ updated 1 Jul 2016, 03:33 ]

The Speak Out Challenge proved to be another popular and well attended event held at Clacton Coastal Academy on the evening of Monday 27th June 2016. 

11 students took to the stage and gave passionate and meaningful performances so choosing a winner was a very difficult decision for the Judges to make. However, after much deliberation, the Judges decided to award the winner of the Clacton Coastal Academy Speak Out Challenge 2016 to Bobby Scott, a Year 8 student, who spoke of his passion, which is Lego, and what it means to him. 

The four Judges were; Stephanie Neill, Head of Clacton Coastal Academy, Mr Anthony Welch, Executive Principal for Holland Park Primary School and Alton Park Primary School, Patrick Marlow, Actor and Writer and Clacton Coastal Academy’s Jack Petchey Speak Out Finalist and Runner Up Megan Knight. 

Leader of the event, Actress and Coach, Leigh Wood said, “The whole event is about the CCA students finding their voice and speaking from the heart about what they feel passionate about and what moves them. It never ceases to amaze me the dramatic impact it has on our students. They learn how to support and inspire each other and to communicate like never before. I have noticed how they glow with a new found 

confidence and self-esteem. It is so rewarding for them and for me. It is an honour and a privilege to help and guide the students on their quest to discover what they believe and to witness their personal growth. I am so very proud of them all.” 

CCA’s Lego Innovation Studio Launch

posted 1 Jul 2016, 03:31 by H Slim   [ updated 1 Jul 2016, 03:32 ]

Clacton Coastal Academy’s Lego Innovation Studio was launched this week including a keynote speech from Director for Lego Education, Gareth Boldsworth. 

It was an exciting opportunity to show how Lego, robotics and programming can positively aid learning and development in children and promote passion for learning and creativity. 

The day involved students demonstrating the ways they have been using the studio to enhance their learning in Science, Technology and English. The visitors enjoyed taking on their own Lego robotic challenge. 

Teamwork and problem solving were the key words of the session as students, STEM Ambassadors, the Chair of Tendring District Council, Cllr. Chapman and her Consort, Mr. Chapman, local Headteachers and school staff ensured their robot was going to succeed. 

Bobby Scott, a Year 8 student, who won the Clacton Coastal Academy `Speak Out Challenge ‘ only the evening before, gave his winning speech (on Lego) to guests prior to joining them for a sit-down luncheon, prepared and served by the Academy’s catering students in their new enterprise of the CCA Restaurant. 

Head of Academy, Stephanie Neill said, “It is often difficult for students to realise that making mistakes is how we learn. The way students have to work with Lego, is to try something, realise it doesn’t do quite what they want, and go back and try again. If we can help students to understand the benefits of this in something as fun and creative as working with Lego, it will help them take the same approach in all aspects of their learning.” 

Being in the Lego Innovation Studio is now part of the opportunities students at CCA will enjoy and local primary schools are also joining in the fun. 

Barnardo's afternoon tea at CCA

posted 17 Jun 2016, 01:24 by H Slim   [ updated 17 Jun 2016, 01:24 ]

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