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SMSC Remembrance Project

posted 11 Nov 2018, 05:01 by H Slim   [ updated 11 Nov 2018, 05:03 ]

Clacton Coastal Academy - KS5 results

posted 20 Sep 2018, 03:53 by H Slim   [ updated 20 Sep 2018, 03:54 ]

For the past 5 years, Clacton Coastal Academy has worked in partnership with “Class of Your Own” to deliver the “Design, Engineer, Construct” programme.  This is a modern course, based on the knowledge required for the modern built environment industry. Students have attended regular work placements with local employers and been supported in their learning by professionals from many companies including the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.  

This year was the first year of completing the qualification at Level 3;  72% of students achieved grade B and above at this A level standard qualification.

Throughout the course, students have had the opportunity to present to and work with professionals in the industry, as well as present at national and local events.

The programme has inspired many students into an industry of which they had no prior knowledge or experience.   5 of the students this year will go on to complete degrees or degree apprenticeships in related subjects.

This year we have had the privilege to work with “IntoUniversity” to support students throughout their school education and widen students’ experience of the options available to them when they leave school.  Half of the students going to University this year were supported by “IntoUniversity” to write their personal statements and to go through the UCAS application process. “Widening participation” is a key national agenda and we have worked with Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Essex to provide many opportunities for our students.  Of those going to University this year, 30% have special educational needs and over 50% would be listed as “disadvantaged.” This is a strong reflection of our drive to ensure every student can be the very best they can be.

Melanie Boyd is off to Cardiff University to study History having achieved excellent results in History, Sociology, Criminology, Media and the Extended Project Qualification.

Reece Watkins is off to the University of Essex to study Accounting having achieved strong results in Business and the IFS Diploma in Fiscal Studies.

Students who have completed the “Design, Engineer, Construct” course are all off to various destinations.  Sam Boone will start a degree apprenticeship with Ingleton Wood with a degree at London South Bank University.  John Haylett starts a degree apprenticeship with Atkins with a degree at Anglia Ruskin University.

We would like to thank all our local employers and “IntoUniversity” for the excellent partnerships we have had the opportunity to develop.

Engineering and Technology at a design quality conference

posted 20 Sep 2018, 03:48 by H Slim   [ updated 20 Sep 2018, 03:52 ]

On Wednesday 25th of April, Clacton Coastal Academy students and winners of last years National Design Engineer Construct competition, John Haylett and Sam Boone were invited to speak at the Institution of Engineering and Technology at a design quality conference. The brief for John and Sam was to talk about themselves and how they got into the industry at such a young age. They also had to cover how important it is for the younger generation to be involved in the built environment industry to aid the production of excellently designed homes and structures. Both students represented the school admirably, and spoke eloquently, having had previous experience, speaking at the House of Lords and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Headquarters. The conference came to an end with the then Secretary of State for Housing and newly appointed Home Secretary Sajid Javid delivering the closing remarks.

This has been an extraordinary day For Clacton Coastal Academy, We are very proud of Sam and John, we believe they have a bright future ahead of them after completing their A Levels this year, and we can’t wait to see the contribution they make to the built environment.


Clacton Coastal Academy students visit Anglia Ruskin University

posted 17 Apr 2018, 01:35 by H Slim   [ updated 17 Apr 2018, 01:35 ]

Clacton Coastal Academy students visit Anglia Ruskin University

On Wednesday 7th March, 26 Year 8 students from Clacton Coastal Academy visited Anglia Ruskin University as part of a trip jointly organised by IntoUniversity and Clacton Coastal Academy.

Designed to give younger students the opportunity to experience a taste of university life and raise awareness of degrees and careers in the medical sector, IntoUniversity and the ARU student ambassadors laid on a day full of hands on opportunities to learn.

The day started with a campus tour guided by the ARU ambassadors, the students were in awe at the cutting edge, industry standard facilities in the paramedic and midwifery faculties.

CCA Students are given a campus tour by an Anglia Ruskin University student ambassador

This was followed by an opportunity for CCA students to talk to the ARU ambassadors in smaller groups and ask questions about the ambassador's experiences of university life, their chosen courses and career goals.

The day culminated in sessions where the ambassadors ran mini workshops with the CCA students given them a hands on taste of what their degree courses and future careers involve.A medical science student demonstrated how to examine organisms under a professional microscope.

A medical science student demonstrates how to use a professional microscope.

Paramedic students gave demonstrations on different methods of resuscitation.

CCA students are given guidance on how to correctly administer CPR

And midwifery students gave a demonstration of how to undertake basic checks and measurements for pregnant mothers.

A lesson in how to check the size of a developing baby.

To close the day, CCA students thanked the university staff and ambassadors for putting on an excellent and insightful day. CCA students left on the minibuses buzzing with the excitement of future career aspirations and the valuable first hand experience of visiting a university campus.

Mr Hill Visits CCA

posted 17 Apr 2018, 01:34 by H Slim   [ updated 17 Apr 2018, 01:39 ]

It was a privilege to welcome Dave Hill, Executive Director Social Care and Education, Essex County Council to Clacton Coastal Academy.  His visit was in response to the following post: " I intend to begin a debate about how in the various ‘places’ that comprise Essex we can develop and bring alive the debate about the link between education, skills and jobs. The County Council is determined to ensure that how we shape places is considered as part and parcel of how we plan for education and schools." At Clacton Coastal Academy our vision is that the CCA way leads to successful employment.

Mr Hill met with four of our sixth form students currently on work placements alongside their sixth form studies.  Sam Boone and John Haylett, year 13 students have been based at Ingleton Wood and we were delighted that partner, Laura Mansell-Thomas joined us for the lunch to represent our employers. Sam will work for Ingleton Wood on the conclusion of his studies and work towards his degree whilst working for the company. John has an unconditional offer from Anglia Ruskin University to study building surveying. Harry Harvey is coaching students at Cann Hall Primary and Chloe O'Reilly working with children at Whitehall Little Stars as they both work towards their career aspirations in coaching or teaching whilst completing qualifications in sport and childcare.

John de la Cruz talked about the work of our media team in house and the in house catering sixth form team prepared and served the most amazing lunch.

Younger students Riley Foreman, Zac Starkey and Tomas Blanchette talked about how their "period 4" each week has inspired them into careers in business and law. Zac already has a thriving business from the "tenner challenge" club he attends during period 4, a new initiative to put extra-curricular clubs into the school day.

It was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how Clacton Coastal Academy is linking education, skills and jobs.

Mr Hill stated: “I enjoyed the visit enormously and was thoroughly impressed by the quality  of initiatives I saw during the visit. As you know preparing young people for the ‘world of work’ is an issue that I put great emphasis on and the range and depth of approaches throughout the school was truly an example of what can be done with determination, great leadership and some entrepreneurial spirit!”

"Firebreak" Pass Out Parade at Clacton Fire Station

posted 17 Apr 2018, 01:31 by H Slim   [ updated 17 Apr 2018, 01:31 ]

Pass Out Parade at Clacton Fire Station

19th January 2018

Eleven Yr 8, 9 & 10 students from Clacton Coastal Academy attended a five day Firebreak course held at Clacton Fire Station, and proudly had their Pass Out Parade on Friday 19th January.  

Miss Hilton & Mrs Granger from the Academy attended along with parents and carers.

Miss Hilton told the students:

“On behalf of staff at Clacton Coastal Academy, we are extremely proud of you, and feel very privileged to come and watch you all today. Many of you have overcome big challenges and I commend you all & hope you have learnt many things from this experience.

Also, I’d like to say thank you to Alan Webb, Lead Instructor, and all the staff involved in the project for giving CCA students this opportunity!"

Clacton Coastal Academy teacher selected to be a UK Parliament Teacher Ambassador

posted 17 Apr 2018, 01:29 by H Slim   [ updated 17 Apr 2018, 01:30 ]

A TEACHER will rub shoulders with the great and the good in the corridors of power after being chosen to take part in special training sessions at the Houses of Parliament.

Andrew Oldershaw, learning director for humanities at Clacton Coastal Academy, was chosen from more than 170 hopefuls to attend the three-day event.

More than 700 teachers from across the country have joined the training programme since it was launched in 2006.

The sessions are designed to give teachers an in-depth understanding of how the Houses of Commons and Lords work.


Andrew will get the chance to quiz House of Commons Speaker John Bercow and Lord Fowler, who is the current Speaker in the Lords.

Clacton MP Giles Watling said he was delighted Andrew is getting the chance to hear from politicians of all parties about their work.

He said: “Teachers have so many opportunities to engage young people with Parliament and democracy and having met many of the students at Clacton Coastal Academy, I am well aware of their passion for politics.

“I know they will benefit from Andrew’s experience and time in Parliament.”

Budding medics get recognition

posted 17 Apr 2018, 01:27 by H Slim   [ updated 17 Apr 2018, 01:28 ]

A GROUP of Year Ten pupils have been invited to a medical conference to recognise their academic achievements.

Students from Clacton Coastal Academy were invited to the event at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford.

As part of the two-day event pupils were given an insight into careers in healthcare and medicine.

They also got the chance given the opportunity to develop more practical clinical skills, giving them a hands-on experience of life as a medic.

The School spokesman events and community manager Lynda Baksh said: “All students were engaged throughout both of the days, and it was truly inspiring to see our young people so full of enthusiasm and aspiring to achieve great things for their future.

Year 11 Awards Evening

posted 22 Jan 2018, 04:45 by H Slim   [ updated 22 Jan 2018, 04:45 ]

Little Mix - Glory Days 2017 tour

posted 22 Jan 2018, 04:43 by H Slim   [ updated 22 Jan 2018, 04:44 ]

This Academic year we have been fortunate enough to continue our links with television producer Virginia Baker. On the 26th November 2017, our partnership led to four lucky year 9 students being invited to a VIP experience at the 
Little Mix, Glory Days tour at the O2 arena.

Justine Hawes, Amba Elliott, Denis Visockas and Lewis Grant had a fantastic time looking backstage and learning about the job roles of the 200 different team members who make the show a success. 

We have also potentially arranged for Dance Captain Claudimar Neto, to come to the Academy to deliver a workshop to our students!

Justine, “It was awesome to come to London... my first trip to the O2, to have dinner in a restaurant and to watch a concert. Thank you Virginia!”

Amba, “It was amazing to watch the show come together after seeing the details backstage.”

Denis, “I liked seeing the different jobs you can apply for and what role they have on the actual performance.”

Lewis, “I loved going backstage and talking to the dancers. I 100 % want to be like them one day.”

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