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CCA’s Lego Innovation Studio Launch

posted 1 Jul 2016, 03:31 by H Slim   [ updated 1 Jul 2016, 03:32 ]

Clacton Coastal Academy’s Lego Innovation Studio was launched this week including a keynote speech from Director for Lego Education, Gareth Boldsworth. 

It was an exciting opportunity to show how Lego, robotics and programming can positively aid learning and development in children and promote passion for learning and creativity. 

The day involved students demonstrating the ways they have been using the studio to enhance their learning in Science, Technology and English. The visitors enjoyed taking on their own Lego robotic challenge. 

Teamwork and problem solving were the key words of the session as students, STEM Ambassadors, the Chair of Tendring District Council, Cllr. Chapman and her Consort, Mr. Chapman, local Headteachers and school staff ensured their robot was going to succeed. 

Bobby Scott, a Year 8 student, who won the Clacton Coastal Academy `Speak Out Challenge ‘ only the evening before, gave his winning speech (on Lego) to guests prior to joining them for a sit-down luncheon, prepared and served by the Academy’s catering students in their new enterprise of the CCA Restaurant. 

Head of Academy, Stephanie Neill said, “It is often difficult for students to realise that making mistakes is how we learn. The way students have to work with Lego, is to try something, realise it doesn’t do quite what they want, and go back and try again. If we can help students to understand the benefits of this in something as fun and creative as working with Lego, it will help them take the same approach in all aspects of their learning.” 

Being in the Lego Innovation Studio is now part of the opportunities students at CCA will enjoy and local primary schools are also joining in the fun.