CCA Students celebrate GCSE success!

Students at Clacton Coastal Academy continue to aim for the top grades with a number of A* grades being awarded this year in subjects such as Maths, Chemistry, Physics, History and Geography. One year 11 student even managed to achieve an A in A Level Greek (Chloe-Athena Mouratidou) and another received an A in AS Russian (Vladimir Simenok).

Top Performers:

Chloe-Athena Mouratidou:

A* in Photography, Maths, Geography; A in English Literature, French, Further Maths, IT, Physics, RE and an A in A level Greek; B in Biology, Chemistry, English Language

Alice Gamby:

A* in Chemistry, Maths, Physics; A in Biology, English Language, Further Maths, History, Human Health and Physiology, IT, RE; B in English Literature and German

Hannah Ross: (who also has the second highest progress in the school, having entered on 4c Maths, 5c English)

A* in Biology, Chemistry, RE; A in English Literature, Geography, German, Human Health and Physiology, IT, Physics; B in English Language and Maths   

Leah Payne:

A* in History, RE, Spanish; A in English Language, French, IT; B in Maths, Core and Additional Science 

One of the highlights of the results is the large number of A grades being achieved over such a broad range of subjects including; French, Spanish, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Further Maths, PE, Art, and Electronics.

There has also been a vast amount of subjects that have improved their A*-C figure by over 10%. This includes Business Studies, French and Additional Science.

A number of students in the year 11 cohort entered the academy with below national average levels in English and Maths but this year various students have achieved 5 levels of progress, this is a considerable achievement, especially when you take into account that 3 levels of progress is the national expectation.

Top Progress:

Frankie McCann and Ashley Rainbird made 5 levels of progress in English from a level 3b to a B

11 students made 5 levels of progress in Maths:

From level 5 to A*:  Mandy Lee, Callum Abbott, Matthew Clarke, Ryan Clements, Alice Gamby, Dominic Mace

From level 4 to A: Jack King, Shahan Chowdhury, Charlotte Moore, Keenan Wood

Principal Tracey Hemming said she was extremely proud of all the students and the results they had achieved: "I am very pleased with the performance of our students, our results in most subjects have improved by 10% or more and the rising numbers of students achieving a massive 5 levels of progress in their maths is something to celebrate! There are so many individual success stories for our students, who put their hearts and souls into the preparation for the exams.  The many smiling faces this morning showed that their efforts have been worthwhile and were very gratifying for the teachers and staff at CCA. There has been a national issue with the English IGCSE marking and grade boundaries, which has had an impact upon our English results, but we shall be appealing, along with the many other schools that have been similarly affected."

We have 23 GCSE A* grades across 12 subjects.   

There were 7 A* grades in maths

10 subjects have 10% or more of their students achieving A and A* grades

7 subjects have increased their A*-C figure by over 10%:

Top Value Added:

Based on last year's figures, our top value added performer is Marvin Bolton - KS2 was 4c in English and 3c in Maths

He has achieved:

A in Leisure and Tourism; B in Electronics, English Literature, RE; L2 Merit in BTEC Science; C in English Language, History, IT, Maths and Music