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Clacton Coastal Academy is awarded Flagship status by IQM

posted 14 Oct 2014, 03:32 by H Slim   [ updated 7 Jan 2015, 05:46 ]

Clacton Coastal Academy has been celebrating this week. They were recently awarded the highly regarded Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM) for the 3rd year running. Not only this but they have now gone on to be one of an elite group of schools to receive Flagship Status.IQM assessor Kenny Fredericks commented that: “There is no doubt that Clacton Coastal Academy is a school that is fully committed to raising achievement within a framework of equal opportunities and inclusion. The Principal communicates a powerful vision that is very clearly about continuous improvement and valuing all stakeholders.”The Inclusion Quality Mark is a standard for assessing schools against a nationally recognised framework on inclusion. It is designed to create a dialogue about inclusion with objective and supportive evaluation by the IQM team and this results in a model for further growth.As an integral part of the development of the Inclusion Quality Mark scheme, the notion of Centres of Excellence was introduced. The principle of the Flagship School idea is that an individual school can further its work in Inclusion through internal research activities.To receive this award a number of criteria have to be met, including; having demonstrable plans to sustain and develop inclusive internal practice, have the capacity to share and disseminate good inclusion practice across a broader cluster of schools and agree to have an annual IQM visit to ratify or validate the progress and develop an annual plan for development.

Principal, Tracey Hemming said: “I am immeasurably proud that we have been honored with this award. It is a fitting accolade for all our hard work and superb to be recognised for this.”