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Clacton Coastal Academy students visit Anglia Ruskin University

posted 17 Apr 2018, 01:35 by H Slim   [ updated 17 Apr 2018, 01:35 ]

Clacton Coastal Academy students visit Anglia Ruskin University

On Wednesday 7th March, 26 Year 8 students from Clacton Coastal Academy visited Anglia Ruskin University as part of a trip jointly organised by IntoUniversity and Clacton Coastal Academy.

Designed to give younger students the opportunity to experience a taste of university life and raise awareness of degrees and careers in the medical sector, IntoUniversity and the ARU student ambassadors laid on a day full of hands on opportunities to learn.

The day started with a campus tour guided by the ARU ambassadors, the students were in awe at the cutting edge, industry standard facilities in the paramedic and midwifery faculties.

CCA Students are given a campus tour by an Anglia Ruskin University student ambassador

This was followed by an opportunity for CCA students to talk to the ARU ambassadors in smaller groups and ask questions about the ambassador's experiences of university life, their chosen courses and career goals.

The day culminated in sessions where the ambassadors ran mini workshops with the CCA students given them a hands on taste of what their degree courses and future careers involve.A medical science student demonstrated how to examine organisms under a professional microscope.

A medical science student demonstrates how to use a professional microscope.

Paramedic students gave demonstrations on different methods of resuscitation.

CCA students are given guidance on how to correctly administer CPR

And midwifery students gave a demonstration of how to undertake basic checks and measurements for pregnant mothers.

A lesson in how to check the size of a developing baby.

To close the day, CCA students thanked the university staff and ambassadors for putting on an excellent and insightful day. CCA students left on the minibuses buzzing with the excitement of future career aspirations and the valuable first hand experience of visiting a university campus.