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Easter comes alive with SMSC Youth Leadership Group Street Theatre

posted 21 Apr 2016, 01:21 by H Slim

The SMSC Youth Leadership Group (YLG) gave a spectacular dramatic performance at St John’s church in Clacton where they re-enacted the Easter story to a captivated audience of year 7 pupils and members of the public. 

The purpose of the drama was to conclude a unit of work taught in CCA’s SMSC classes, which focused on ensuring young students contemplate the morals inherent in different views and faiths. The Year 7 pupils in attendance were selected after a series of lessons whereby they demonstrated a keen interest in the topic and their learning outcomes were regarded as first rate by their teachers.

Weather on the day was rich with the warmth of Spring, enabling the performance to take place both outside and in as hoped. The YLG segregated the drama into different scenes, including the well-known Last Supper, which were performed in different parts of the church grounds in order that the drama be appreciated in the style of a street theatre. 

Questions were asked by the YLG at the end of each scene, with Year 7 eager to answer and demonstrate both their personal views and knowledge. YLG member Natasha Goldie in particular stood out for her capacity to ask questions independently and for her ability to support her peers. Charlie Campbell of the YLG was especially 
remarkable in his role as Jesus; he was both credible and courageous.

St John’s church welcomed our pupils warmly, providing an Easter egg hunt in the church gardens afterwards which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Hannah Ward of St John’s Church commented on the “excellent behaviour” of all CCA pupils who participated. 

Both Mrs O’Connor and Mrs Taylor who oversaw the event were delighted with the very positive impact this YLG event has had on boosting young people’s understanding of faith, as well as the strengths of CCA’s SMSC YLG working together as a caring community. Not only were they aspiring for more, they were certainly inspiring to watch!