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Edmodo has arrived at CCA!

posted 16 Sep 2013, 06:47 by H Slim

Dear Parents and Students,

With a new academic year comes a new and exciting learning tool at CCA! Students and staff have been busy setting up and using the new educational platform that we at CCA are hoping will make homework, creating learning communities and many other exciting e-learning projects more accessible this year. Edmodo is a new system, that allows teachers to create homework, assignments, quizzes, questionnaires and polls online so that everything you need to access and complete your homework will be available for you at home on your computers and smartphones. 

By now every student at CCA should have created an Edmodo account and have individual ‘group codes’ for the lessons that you have. Group codes are issued by your teachers and will allow you to access the homework and other learning materials for each individual curriculum area that you are studying in - such as English, maths and science. For those of you that are not very comfortable using Edmodo and want some extra training sessions, there will be a variety of different after school dates over the next two weeks where Mr Galloway will be teaching you how to get the best out of your Edmodo account. Dates and times for these sessions will be issued in your tutorials and displayed around the Academy, so if you’re interested ask your form tutor or year team for the exact information. 

We would like to also invite parents in for an after school session, so that they can become familiar with the website and ask any questions that they may feel they want to ask. The session for students and parents will be running on Thursday the 19th of September at 3:05pm in the Learning Resource Centre. If you as a parent wish to attend the session, then please arrive five minutes early at the main reception where a member of staff will take you to the training room. Code of conduct when using Edmodo: 

All students at the Academy need to be aware, that just like any other system or learning tool at CCA there is a very strict code of conduct that must be followed at all times when using Edmodo. Please remember that your classroom teachers, Curriculum Leaders, Achievement Directors and the Executive Team will have complete access to your groups and individual accounts. Therefore at all times, you must use Edmodo appropriately. A brief list of rules to make sure that you are using Edmodo correctly and safely are as follows:

- Choose a profile photo that is appropriate for Academy use. Anything that is seen as inappropriate or offensive will be removed and a consequence may follow for the student who’s account it is.

- Do not post any comments that you think would be seen as inappropriate, such as swear words or issues not relating to the homework or group discussion about learning.

- Do not share your password with any other student, it’s private so please keep it that way.

If a student is found to be using Edmodo not as it is meant to be, then it will result in the account being blocked and frozen whilst the incident is investigated. 
Depending on how serious the issue is, your parents may be called in to have a meeting with a senior member of staff to discus and set an appropriate consequence for you actions. 
Further use of Edmodo may be prohibited.We hope that you will use Edmodo in the way that it is designed, as a fantastic vehicle for increasing your learning and progress within each of the curriculum areas you are studying in. Remember, it is for education only and as something that could really make a difference to how well you do with your studies. 

Kindest Regards,
Mr O’Connor 
Assistant Vice Principal