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The 3G Project Brings Coastal Confederation Schools Together

posted 6 Mar 2014, 05:12 by H Slim   [ updated 14 May 2014, 01:52 ]

Tuesday 25th February saw some Year 9 students from CCA and our confederation school CCHS united as part of a new initiative called “The 3G (3 Generation) Project.”That is funded by a grant from the ECC Family Innovation Fund. Students with siblings in key primary schools were invited to work together to develop skills and strategies to support their younger siblings. 

The project focused particularly on reducing risk, with emphasis on personal health; the aim is to ensure that teenagers are positive role models for others in their family, as well as being a source of support when needed as their siblings grow. CCA students enjoyed the opportunity to work with pupils from another local school and the welcome they offered CCHS pupils was commendable. 

The 3G Project was led by a visiting speaker, Mr Alan Van Loen, whose sense of humour was well received by all. CCA teacher Mrs O’Connor worked alongside visiting CCHS teacher Mrs Heighway to ensure the day was a success for everyone involved. It is hoped that the skills and knowledge pupils from both schools acquired will be applied when needed to ensure that the future of the next generation is as bright as it could possibly be.