A group of Clacton Coastal Academy year 10 Geography students were taken on a trip to London this week. They visited an exhibition called 'The Crystal' which showed students what cities of the future may look like and how the people inside them may behave.  It allowed students to explore the concept of sustainability, which is a key feature of the GCSE Geography course.  It was a real 'hands-on' exhibition as students had to actually run their own cities, produce renewable energy through their own movements, and construct environmentally friendly yet appealing buildings to go in the cities.

They also went on a tour of the docks to see the incredible regeneration that took place there from the 1980s to current day. To finish off the day they had lunch in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, followed by a working tour of the key sites, recently re-opened to the public to show the legacy of the sustainable regeneration of Stratford which may be used as a key case study in the students’ future learning and exams.

Curriculum Leader for Geography, Mr Percival said: “It was a beautiful sunny day and a great time was had by all.  The students really enjoyed visiting parts of our capital they may never have thought of seeing before, but more importantly it was a brilliant opportunity to see for themselves many of the topics that we study in the classroom which can only help them to succeed. CCA students as usual, were a credit to the Academy.”