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posted 14 Oct 2016, 07:42 by Unknown user

This week saw the YLG (our SMSC Student Voice group) lead the way on a national project championed by the organisation Citizens UK. The plight of the 387 refugee children stranded in Calais has made headline news; these children have a legal right to be in the UK where their families already reside.

Initially YLG students met with Jean-Michel of Citizens UK who shared the reality of Syrian children’s harrowing experiences. They worked in mixed year group teams to design both a campaign and a viral filmed clip, with the hope that the viral footage would spread quickly and incite other schools to create their own short films to support the 387 children. Children from Alton Park Primary school came to CCA to work alongside our talented YLG at this early stage, arguably a rewarding experience for all.

Our passionate YLG have since visited a number of local primary schools to take the lead in assemblies, sharing their knowledge of the conditions in both Syria and Calais. Our YLG also inspired our CCA students to act now, by encouraging their participation in the viral film clip. The aim is to show students ripping up leaves (to represent the “jungle” in Calais) with the words on the leaves symbolising the many necessities that these refugee children have lost but which we take for granted: family, warmth, food, security, etc.  (All ideas behind the clip were generated by the YLG students themselves).

CCA’s own sixth form Media students played a crucial role in this project. They have tirelessly filmed each clip and supported the complex editing process. They are not only instrumental in ensuring CCA has a powerful clip to release, but their skills have also been gratefully received by many local primaries who are following CCA in producing a campaign for the 387 children.

This is no doubt an exciting and worthy project that has drawn on the many talents of our committed students at CCA. The YLG and all those they have inspired now hope that by going viral, we really will be standing up for the children in Calais, to keep families together and ensure that all children’s voices are always heard. #Standupforthe387!