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Mr Hill Visits CCA

posted 17 Apr 2018, 01:34 by H Slim   [ updated 17 Apr 2018, 01:39 ]

It was a privilege to welcome Dave Hill, Executive Director Social Care and Education, Essex County Council to Clacton Coastal Academy.  His visit was in response to the following post: " I intend to begin a debate about how in the various ‘places’ that comprise Essex we can develop and bring alive the debate about the link between education, skills and jobs. The County Council is determined to ensure that how we shape places is considered as part and parcel of how we plan for education and schools." At Clacton Coastal Academy our vision is that the CCA way leads to successful employment.

Mr Hill met with four of our sixth form students currently on work placements alongside their sixth form studies.  Sam Boone and John Haylett, year 13 students have been based at Ingleton Wood and we were delighted that partner, Laura Mansell-Thomas joined us for the lunch to represent our employers. Sam will work for Ingleton Wood on the conclusion of his studies and work towards his degree whilst working for the company. John has an unconditional offer from Anglia Ruskin University to study building surveying. Harry Harvey is coaching students at Cann Hall Primary and Chloe O'Reilly working with children at Whitehall Little Stars as they both work towards their career aspirations in coaching or teaching whilst completing qualifications in sport and childcare.

John de la Cruz talked about the work of our media team in house and the in house catering sixth form team prepared and served the most amazing lunch.

Younger students Riley Foreman, Zac Starkey and Tomas Blanchette talked about how their "period 4" each week has inspired them into careers in business and law. Zac already has a thriving business from the "tenner challenge" club he attends during period 4, a new initiative to put extra-curricular clubs into the school day.

It was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how Clacton Coastal Academy is linking education, skills and jobs.

Mr Hill stated: “I enjoyed the visit enormously and was thoroughly impressed by the quality  of initiatives I saw during the visit. As you know preparing young people for the ‘world of work’ is an issue that I put great emphasis on and the range and depth of approaches throughout the school was truly an example of what can be done with determination, great leadership and some entrepreneurial spirit!”