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Aims, Ethos and Values

At CCA we firmly believe...

...that all young people deserve to become world class learners, to learn, enjoy, succeed and thrive in a world class educational environment possessed of the best facilities, the best teaching and the most up to date resources.

We aim to be...

The education provider of choice for students

Our key aims: 
  • all our students make at least good, if not outstanding progress at all stages and ages. 
  • every student who can achieves 5 A*-C grades with English and mathematics
  • all students leave education with 5 A*-G passes
  • all students are skilled as life-long learners, understanding their learning style, and trained in thinking skills
  • all students have the opportunity to engage in sport, music and the performing arts at the highest levels, including county, national and international standard
  • all students develop entrepreneurial and employability skills
  • every student has a positive attitude to learning
  • all students can access and assess their own learning
  • all students take responsibility for their own individual learning
  • all students have high self-esteem
  • all students respect and care for each other, themselves and the environment, fulfilling the Discipline with Dignity® approach
  • all students have access to extended activities
  • all students have access to a healthy and safe environment

Investment of choice for the parents/carers

Our key aims: 

  • parents/carers have high levels of satisfaction with the Academy where:
    • Discipline with Dignity® is the norm
    • their child receives high quality teaching
    • their child is happy and engaged in her/his learning
    • their child is taught by caring staff
    • each young person develops her/his potential
    • students are confident and have high self-esteem
    • the Academy communicates regularly and effectively
    • the Academy assists in the development of strong moral values
    • examination results are the best they can be for every child
    • parents/carers have access to a full range of support
  • parent consultation evenings and Academy events such as musical, sporting and plays are very well attended
  • celebration events are very well attended
  • each Academy demonstrates a relentless focus on results from the view point of the parents
  • all processes are designed to ensure that parents and carers can communicate easily and effectively with the Academy
  • stakeholders are regularly consulted and their views and opinions are always taken into account

Employer of Choice 
Our key aims: 
  • all staff feel they are valued members of the Academy’s learning community
  • all staff report they are actively supported in the development of new skills and competencies
  • all our Academies continually incorporate new learning into standard practice
  • all staff report they have opportunities to influence decisions that affect them
  • all staff clearly feel that teams are used as a vehicle for accomplishing work and influencing decisions
  • all staff have easy access to the information they need to do their job effectively
  • all plans and decisions are communicated so that they are clearly understood
  • all staff have access to medical insurance and incentive schemes