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Discipline With Dignity

Discipline with Dignity 

Discipline with Dignity is the basis of the behaviour management system within Clacton Coastal Academy. It is based on seven principles: 

1. Behaviour change takes time. 

2. Stop doing ineffective things. 

3. I will be fair and I won’t always treat people the same. 

4. Rules should always make sense. 

5. Model what you expect. 

6. Responsibility is more important than obedience. 

7. Always treat students with dignity. 

These principles are translated into core beliefs for staff and core values for students: 

Staff (Core Beliefs) 

Student (Core Values) 

Will always treat the students with dignity. 

Will always treat others, staff and students, with dignity and kindness whilst in our environment because we all have a right to be happy. 

Will understand that DWD is about long term behaviour, not just quick fixes. 

Will persevere to improve those aspects of behaviour that we want to improve and not give up easily on change. 

Will always be fair—about giving each student what he/she needs without worrying about treating everyone the same way. 

Will realise that being fair means we may not always be treated in exactly the same way. 

Will stay personally connected without taking offensive behaviour personally. 

Will listen to other students and staff and will also be able to express our views about Clacton Coastal Academy. 

Will be a model of what is expected. 

Will try and act in a dignified manner in all aspects of Clacton Coastal Academy life: in lessons, classrooms and the sports field. 

Will stop doing ineffective things. 

Will try to stop doing things that always lead us to make the same mistakes. 

Will connect rules to values so that rules make sense. 

Will try and understand that rules are there for a reason and if we are unsure of the reason we should check why we have it in place. 

Will believe that responsibility is more important than obedience and must be taught. 

Will try and be responsible around the Academy at all times even when teachers are not present.