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Transforming Learning, Transforming Lives

At Clacton Coastal Academy we believe in developing a strong partnership with students to facilitate learning. Students within the Academy are taught in groups that reflect their skills, aptitudes, learning styles, ability and potential.

We will drive innovation in learning, ensuring that the skills, learning and aspirations of our students are developed and enhanced at all key stages, through creative, collaborative responses to personalised learning and a continuous focus on improving learning and teaching within the Academy.

We believe that great learning opportunities are delivered by great teaching. Our aim is to achieve 'world class learning outcomes for our students through world class teachers in a world class community’. We aim for our teaching to be exciting and challenging and for all of our students to achieve the very best they can. At Clacton Coastal Academy, learning is a serious business but it can be fun too. We believe that learning is an adventure to be enjoyed, a journey that stretches challenges and opens minds.

We want all of our students to do well and to fully achieve their potential, whatever it may be, and all of our efforts are focused on outstanding achievement in personal, social and academic terms. To do this we aim to place our Academy at the cutting edge of developments in educational theory, technology, teaching and learning and leadership practices. Our Principal, assisted by a strong, able and dedicated team of staff, ensure that the values and standards of the Academy are consistently reflected in the care, conduct and commitment provided to our students.

Our students are at the heart of all that we do and our teaching is guided by their needs. All students have a planner that contains their Individual Learning Plans and records work, progress and home learning activities.

Our aim is to personalise and individualise learning as much as is practical through our learning pathways and our focus on learning styles. We aim to create lifelong learners who continue to grow and develop knowledge and skills throughout their lives. ‘Learning to learn’ as part of our Coastal Competency Curriculum is a cornerstone of our work, teaching students the skills of embedded learning, study skills, revision, thinking skills, problem solving and developing core learning skills such as Literacy and Numeracy.

Tracking the progress and informing parents and carers of our students’ progress in academic, social and behavioural terms is very important to the Academy. The Academy holds regular Progress Review meetings where Students and Parents have an opportunity to meet with Tutors and mentors. Students review their progress with parents and meet with tutors to discuss issues and future targets. Students may also have further review meetings with Achievement Directors, Pastoral Support Managers, Lead Mentors, Able, Gifted and Talented Coordinators, Special Needs Co-ordinators, School Leaders and other Senior Staff.

We want our students to learn and perform well. We have a team of Learning Mentors who are here to support our students in their learning, development and planning. Mentoring at the Academy come in many forms – individual and group, learning and behaviour mentors, industrial and business mentors and coaches are targeted to the individualised learning needs of some students. A full service is also provided by an additional team of educational and family support professionals on both campuses and we have access to a full range of counselling and support services to support young people and their families.

The Academy’s Inclusion team consists of a strong, skilled and experienced traditional values in a modern context are at the heart of all we do at Clacton Coastal Academy. All students are expected to be dressed in full Academy uniform, which includes a blazer, white shirt or blouse and tie for the boys. We expect all our students to be proud of the Academy and our uniform creates the identity and sense of belonging to the Academy community.


 I am very proud to wear our smart new uniform. I think people will see us differently and be impressed with Clacton Coastal Academy students. It has made a big difference- now we walk proud.

— Year 9 CCA Student

We recognise the need for high quality support and guidance to ensure that all our students feel cared for as individuals and can therefore develop to fulfil their potential. Excellent behaviour is essential in order to learn and it is expected of all students. Our clear ‘Discipline with Dignity’ Behaviour Policy ensures that students are happy and safe in the Academy so that teachers can teach and students can learn in conditions conducive to making the most of their opportunities. For the few students who find it more difficult to live up to our expectations and standards, a range of support systems are in place including: the use of revised curricula, tutor support and senior staff intervention alongside clearly established sanctions and specialist counselling. These support systems enhance the opportunity for transformation to acceptable standards. Students are responsible for their own actions and the Academy expects the full support of parents when dealing with students.

Great value is put on what our students feel and what they have to say. Students have opportunities to give their views and ideas through Campus Councils, Sports and Arts Councils, the Academy Council and through posts of responsibility such as Head Boy and Head Girl appointments, peer mentors and Prefects, together with surveys of student opinion. There are student representatives on the Governing Body of the Academy. Sharing the leadership of the academy in this way encourages a sense of responsibility, belonging as well as helping them to develop their confidence, maturity and self esteem.

We firmly believe that the partnership created between parents, students and staff is the key to a successful, enjoyable and highly valued education. We will work closely with you as parents and carers to ensure that your child achieves their very best in all activities within the Academy. Information on progress will be provided through a written report, assessments and consultation meetings to give you the opportunity to discuss any issues which may arise.Research shows that your involvement in your child's education will make a significant difference – we are committed to helping you achieve this.

Students feel safe, listened to and free from bullying. They know who to talk to if they have concerns and know where to seek advice and guidance on future careers and opportunities.


—Ofsted: 2011