Eco Efficient


With a lot of thought and planning we decided to build a community centre for Jaywick. We were asked to come up with a concept to bring the community together, the first idea was a school with a few meeting rooms; however we concluded that this would only cater for certain ages and abilities, we needed something for everyone. In our community centre we can keep people occupied and off the streets of Jaywick, this will hopefully prevent crime and danger as well. As well as bringing communities together, we are trying to make it more sustainable, encouraging people to reuse and reduce things. Over the past 2 months we have been working hard, during school time and in our own free time. We have all been assigned different jobs.

Company Directors and Presenters are - Ronnie Dawson and Luke Wyatt

Architects - Safron Stratford and Robyn Thomas 

Interior Designer - Amber Smith

Exterior Designers- Travis Young and Jack

Website Designers - Megan Thompson and Hannah West

Animator - Chelsea Thomson

Documenter - Eleanor Shears

Movie and audio creators - Ebony Sleight and Harrison Fairchild