Introducing the IAG Team

Laura Leatherby

Assistant Vice Principal for Achievement (KS5), Innovation and CEIAG.

My responsibilities are split in two halves: student progress and information, advice and guidance. I work closely with Achievement Directors to ensure that their students are progressing in line with their potential and that appropriate strategies are put in place to support those that are not hitting their targets, whatever the reason may be.


My background in pastoral work is central to the strategic role I take in the planning of the Academy’s CEIAG programme. I ensure that there are ample opportunities for our students and parents to recieve good quality information, advice and guidance throughout their time with the Academy. This includes co-ordinating careers advice, parental events and the CCA website and newsletter. In addition to this, I work closely with the local primary schools to ensure the transition from primary to secondary educations passes as smoothly as possible by organising taster days, open evening and the cross-curricular transition project that is currently being delivered to our prospective students.  

Philippa Quartermaine 

Careers Advisor 

My role as a NEET Mentor is to work with students who may be at risk of becoming NEET.  It is to help students meet their full potential and break down any barriers that may prevent them from doing so.  I work with school colleagues, other mentors and other related agencies to provide support to the student that is relevant.  My role is to contribute to the provision of information, advice and guidance to young people that is effective in reducing the NEET levels in Tendring and ensure the best possible outcomes for them.

Samantha Sutton

Careers Assistant 

My key responsibility is to co-ordinate our new work-related learning pathway students and help them to find work placements to go 
alongside their vocational qualifications. I liaise with local businesses to source placements and help students to interview for the job. Once the student is in their placement, I then ensure that they have support and guidance to get the very best out of the experience. 


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