National Anti-Bullying Week @ CCA

Many initiatives to combat bullying have been put in place since the school became an academy, including the Courage to Care phone number and email address which 
students can use to raise issues. These preventative measures have had tremendous success in achieving a safe environment. This new anti-bullying drive focused on the 
dangers of the relatively new phenomenon of cyber bullying. 

Members of the prefect team created an award winning short film called “You are not alone”. This film is being used around the academy to demonstrate the effects of 
bullying. Other students and staff members have also been working in conjunction with a local playwright, Patrick Marlowe. Together they have created a film called “Loser”. 
It tells the story of a girl who commits suicide after being bullied inside and outside of school. This film has been shown to staff and parents throughout the week to convey 
how easily bullying can escalate into a tragedy. 

During tutorial lessons last week, students worked on a carousel of events linked to anti bullying. They looked at the dangers and consequences of cyber bullying as well as 
discussing “what bullying is” and what to do if you feel you are being bullied. As part of the week “Courage to care” badges were awarded to students to recognise their work in looking after others. 

Tracey Hemming summed up the week by saying: “It has been a busy but successful week. We are supporting the academy’s strong message to students, about how important it is to care for their fellow class mates. Our pro-active approach in dealing with a nationwide phenomenon means that we are one step ahead in the fight against bullying.” 

As part of our high-profile anti-bullying week, students were invited to take part in a carousel of activities to show their support for the campaign. Mrs Wood led a superb drama workshop to look at the psychological effects of bullying; Mr Knight helped students to bring out their creative side by designing anti-bullying t-shirts and Mr Aldis challenged students to create an anti-bullying board game called 'Apparently...' 

Parents were also invited to take part in the event and watched the powerful anti-bullying film Loser. This was followed by a lively bullying quiz and a discussion about the 
fantastic support network we have at CCA for students who might be experiencing issues with their peers. 

The evening was rounded off with prizes for the best board game, t-shirt, performance and overall star. The winners were Riley Foreman, Melanie Hainesborough, Eleanor Harris, and Kayleigh Saunders (not pictured). The evening was a great success and we look forward to holding another student/parent event next year.