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Danbury 2018

Danbury blog: Day 1

Jurassic Danbury began with a roar in the West Hall, with great enthusiasm from all Campers, ready for this epic adventure into the Jurassic era in rural Chelmsford. The journey here was full of happy Triceratops and Iguanadons chatting to their Pterodactyl friends and making new dinosaur acquaintances.

We enjoyed a welcome shelter of a huge oak tree to eat our packed lunches with little time to rest before Danbury Instructors arrived to whisk our dinosaurs away to activities led by their Instructors ranging from Obstacle Course where Teamwork is paramount to Bushcraft learning to live as they would in Jurassic times, to Aerial Trekking when some children already chose to push themselves to the next level cheered on by their teammates.

Dinner was a feast of sweet and sour chicken and rice followed by chocolate cake, and the Fashion Show ended off a ferociously good day 1 for all dinosaur Campers. Hot chocolate and biscuits were the final treat before exhausted T-Rexes retired to their tents inn readyness for Dino Day 2.

Danbury blog: Day 2

Day 2 dawned as a new era with the sun shining and our intrepid adventurers ready for all the epic activities on offer !

Breakfast was a veritable feast of cereal, bacon, croissants and pain au chocolat and we were very happy to see all our students help themselves to ample portions and to try new foods to keep their Jurassic strength up on day 2.

Leap of Faith awaited the brave ,with other teams doing Zip Wire, Mountain Biking , Bridge Building  and Jacob's Ladder.and everyone in their teams cheered their members on, as student after student pushed themselves to reach and exceed their expectations. Jacket potatoes kept their strength up at Lunch, with a view to watching the epic clash between England and Colombia in the Canteen after dinner, and researching their dinosaur namesake to decorate the Marquee in readyness for the Fire Pit night tomorrow and the final "Mash-up at Danbury 2018 on Thursday and CCA staff led activities encouraging the community atmosphere in Camp.

We celebrated in style with Yrs7,9 and 6th Form joining staff to be one ecstatic family as England conquered the Mammoth task of winning the Penalty Shootout to progress to the World Cup Quarter Finals and we rounded the evening off with a Camp celebration and footy match of our own. 

Roll on Day 3 with football "Coming Home"!