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Danbury 2016

Day One

Monday 11th July and Olympiad Danbury 2016, with an Opening Ceremony of epic proportions in the West Hall and team bonding high on everyone's agenda, was born. Team photos from Achilles to Poseidon were posed for outside Main Reception and the spectacle of colour of team t-shirts was backed up by the boundless enthusiasm of our Trojan students and Leaders to engage in a "Battle Royal" at Danbury Camp.

Titan staff led the students to our coaches and it was a pleasure to see our young people enjoy each other's company on the journey by playing games and singing, not a mobile in sight on this historical journey taking our students on a passage of discovery (both personally and historically) There was no age barrier to citizenship and aspiration as they chatted with 6th Formers and enjoyed the company of Yr 9 Deputy Leaders.

We brought the CCA Way to Danbury as soon as we stepped off the coaches, sitting together as 1 community to eat lunch and plan the awesome times ahead and there was no time to rest on our laurels as Essex Outdoors staff arrived to escort the teams to their first adventures of the week. 

Archery for Artemis, High Ropes for Hercules and Aerial Trekking for Aphrodite was the order of the day creating countless moments captured on camera and a first day to remember as Campers settled and embraced the Ancient Greek experience like naturals !

A feast of spaghetti bolognese and gateaux allowed a moment's rest for our Spartans and an evening of music and frivolities (including an impromptu Conga) culminated in a well earned goblet of hot chocolate before bedtime.

The " Titans" agreed that this years cohort are indeed a credit to CCA, their families and Danbury , as they have instantly embraced the Ancient Greek experience and the Danbury staff have already commented on both our themes and students, and how they look forward to our arrival.

These students are going to make this week a truly Olympiad experience and we simply cant wait to see what happens tomorrow at the dawn of another Greek adventure............Going for Gold, The CCA Way !!


Day Two

We were truly taken back to Ancient Greece on Tuesday when we awoke from our first night to all 4 seasons in no more than 35 minutes! We enjoyed a breakfast of croissants, pain au chocolat, a full English and cereal,where teams bonded over the feast before them and then the heavens opened and we had hailstorms where our ancestors would have needed shields to get to their chariots unscathed! No sooner had this stopped that we were sunbathing for 5 minutes and then caught up in dark skies, swirling winds and downpours.

The students were Trojans to say the least and supported each other in every activity, either during or in between the weather making us proud of the 6th Form Leaders, Yr 9 Deputy Spartans and all our intrepid Year 7 campers. There was a sea of colour and mud with team t-shirts being worn continuously regardless of how muddy they were.
We enjoyed wraps for Lunch with fruit and a sumptuous roast on Tuesday night bringing smiles to all the CCA Danbury Team and we sat down to a monumental Quiz with Ares reigning supreme with their knowledge! Points were awarded for Herculean effort all day and tired but satisfied Spartans bedded down for the night after a drink of hot chocolate and biscuits.


Day Three

The sun shone in between more weather of historic proportions and breakfast was buzzing with aspiration and ambition as CCA vowed not to let the weather stop them on their Danbury "journey". CCA led activities including Achilles Heel (exploring our personal barriers and how to eliminate them to make us all stronger individuals) Hero Quest (Greek Treasure Hunt) Maths and Art work in the Coloursium) " with Thinking outside the box being enthusiastically led and The Great Games of Olympic events created competition of epic proportions.

Our  noble leader Mrs Neill arrived at camp and was treated to a fine feast and evening entertainment.

Dinner was a choice of pies and chips and the Ancient Greek tradition of marshmallows around the campfire and a sing-song to end Day 3 with the news that Thursday was bringing boundless blue skies and sunshine for our last day of full Danbury activities and bacon rolls for breakfast!