Prefect Zone


Why Prefects?

To offer students the opportunity to adopt responsibility and develop their leadership skills.

To be positive role models by promoting high attendance and high standards of behaviour to other students.

To ultimately be a good citizen and develop employability skills.

Selection process

Prefect roles are open to students in KS 4.

Aspiring Prefects should complete an application form. Successful applications will result in an interview.

Head Boy/Girl positions are open  exclusively to year 11 students.

Aspiring Head Boy/Girls will run a campaign and be voted into office by their peers.

For more information see Miss Bush or Miss Wells.


Prefects wear a pale blue shirt and a dark blue prefect tie.

Head Boy/Girl are identified with a badge.



Prefects sit as part of the stage party in all KS 3 assemblies.

Prefects work with year 7 and 8 tutor groups to offer support and develop a student voice.

Roles and responsibilities

Stage party: A prefect representative in every KS 3 assembly.

Lunch duty: The Prefects carry out a lunch duty each week, supporting the Midday Assistants across both lunch times.

Ambassadors: Prefects work as Academy representatives at Academy events, i.e. Academy productions, Parents Evenings, etc.

Tutor Buddies: Prefects are allocated to a specific year 7 or 8 tutor group to work with each Wednesday.

Meetings: Prefects meet weekly with Miss Bush and half termly with the Head of Academy.

‘Prefect perks’

The Prefect Pod is a designated area where the team can spend break and lunch.

‘Chicken and chips’ vouchers are awarded to Prefects who consistently represent the Academy at additional events.


Prefects will collect money for charities on a regular basis as part of their lunch duties. The chosen charity will be announced on a termly basis.