Prefect Zone

Prefects @ CCA 

Why Prefects?

  • To promote leadership amongst students.
  • To offer students the opportunity to adopt responsibility.
  • To inspire students to succeed.


Selection process

  • Students send in a letter of application and attend a interview process. 
  • A team is then chosen and announced in year assembly.  All Prefects attend a training day.  Prefects learn about different types of leadership and the type of leader they are themselves.  They also have ‘Discipline with Dignity’ training and have the opportunity to take part in team building activities and plan out aspects of their role.  This has currently taken place at the Kingscliff hotel in Holland-on-sea.

 Selection process for deputies

  • Prefect campaigns for a week in assemblies and around the school
  • whole school vote for the deputy head boy/girl


  • Prefects wear a pale blue shirt and a prefect tie.
  • Prefect badge



  • Prefects sit as part of the stage party in all Year assemblies.
  • ‘Prefect posters’ are displayed around the Academy to keep the prefect team high profile.


Roles and responsibilities

  • Lunch duty: The Prefects carry out a lunch duty each week, supporting the Midday Assistants across both lunch times.
  • Prefect Panel: This is a discipline panel coordinated by the Prefect team.  They meet with students to discuss negative behaviour and put in place a         sanction if necessary.
  • Ambassadors: Prefects work as Academy representatives at all Academy events, i.e. Consultation evening, Academy productions etc.
  • Stage party: A prefect representative in every assembly.


‘Prefect perks’

  • Lunch pass to use the sixth form canteen.
  • The Prefect Pod – a designated area where they can spend break and lunch.
  • Increased opportunity.


Prefects Highlights

  • Prefects met with MP Douglas Carswell July 2013.
  • Students entered a nationwide competition to create a film promoting anti-bullying.  Their entry won and they were rewarded with vouchers and a             camera.
  • Summer 2013, students presented the Prefect initiative to the Governing Body.



Prefects have adopted ‘Love in Action’ as their chosen charity.  This charity looks to sponsor children’s education in Uganda and is championed by our own Assistant Vice Principal Mrs Neill. Executive prefect Ryan Hennessey has organised a sponsored walk from Clacton to Frinton on Friday 15th November 2013.