CCA’s New Curriculum for Personal Health & Well Being

This academic year offers an exciting opportunity to develop awareness of bodies, rights and beliefs with the introduction of a Personal Health and Well Being Curriculum. A large component of this has Sex Education included, to enable pupils to cope in an increasingly sexually pressurised society for young people. Students across Key Stages 3 and 4 will have access to single-sex, talk based classes where the focus varies from puberty to pregnancy, according to the needs of the group.

Depending on pupils’ academic commitments, the classes will usually take place once every half term, with some variation where appropriate for each student. These intimate, nurturing classes, with their “question and answer” style momentum, will be complemented by additional plans to provide each Year Group with a Reducing Risk Roadshow, where outside agencies will visit the Academy to deliver fact based, interactive sessions that ensure pupils understand the support available to them in the wider community. Classes are expected to begin in October or December, depending on pupils’ timetables, with the Roadshows kicking off from January.

The Curriculum content is largely the result of the planning and discussion of CCA pupils (who are part of a student voice initiative called SMSC YLG). The pupils’ work in evaluating the risks they face has been vital in creating the Reducing Risk foci and their voice has been recognised fully by staff involved in the planning and delivery. Thus, the new Curriculum should support pupils’ current needs and will be flexible in responding to the changes the future holds. The SMSC Team are grateful to the PE Team for all of their help in facilitating a large part of these studies. We hope that the students learn how to recognise risk and respond with dignity and maturity to challenging situations; together we can continue to make our best better.