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Extra Curricular Activities

In an innovative new approach to the curriculum, every student from year 7 to 13 participates in “period 4” on Wednesdays.  This ensures that every student can participate in an extra-curricular activity.  This is part of the strategy that the CCA way leads to successful employment.  This increases the experiences a student can add to their CV and develops the confidence for them to be successful at interview.


 School Production Drama club 

 RAD Ballet

 Creative make-up artistry

 Millard's Glee Club


 Knitting and sewing skills

 Puppet making

 Art and Creative group

 Card making


 Girls football

 Running club


 Table tennis

 Creative writing society

 Debating club

 Extended project qualification

 Book club

 Chess club

 Board and card

 Culinary skills

 Film club


 Stem club

 Animal care

 Tenner challenge

 Law society

 Nazi Germany historic study

 First aid




 Sixth form student committee