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posted 7 Feb 2014, 04:01 by H Slim   [ updated 7 Feb 2014, 04:01 ]


Students from Art and Photography thoroughly enjoyed a day of culture and Art in London last Wednesday. Students had just been given their theme for the exam and have all been really eager to get going on researching new ideas and artists for this final project. Pupils said they were really impressed by the galleries and the space. They really loved the variety of work and the atmosphere that they experienced. They found it inspiring and relaxing walking around a gallery and actually seeing work first hand, instead of on the internet or in a book. 

Glenn Doolin was pleased to find the work of a photographer he has researched on display. He said he found it really interesting to stand in front of the original prints and liked the way they had been displayed. Jade Andrew just simply loved the whole experience especially the National Gal-lery and the classical old paintings. Some students thought how great it was to see huge sculptures and said they had never seen anything like it. Students really loved seeing some of the older classical renaissance paintings displayed in the National Gallery and were astonished by the detail and how impressive some of these painting were in real life. 

Pupils gathered loads of information and made lots of notes on relevant work that they could use as inspiration for the exam. As a whole students really valued the whole experience of London and the Art and the positive feedback was great.