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posted 23 May 2014, 02:04 by H Slim   [ updated 23 May 2014, 02:05 ]

Upcoming performances 

The academic year to date has already included some fantastic performances from the Creativity Department, for example ‘Page Turners’ which was staged in March. However, there is plenty more to come! 

The Prefect team are organising a talent show, the final of which will take place on the 3rd July. We also have ‘Now that’s what I call theatre’, which is a variety performance, on the 1st July. 

Next year we will continue to work towards performances as it is a great opportunity for students to build their confidence and develop key skills for their examination courses. The initial idea for next year’s main school dance show is ‘Icons’, so start thinking about who has inspired you and why. 

Year 10 update 

Year 10 GCSE Dance students have just begun work on Unit 3 of the course which requires them to perform a trio dance based on the professional dance work ‘Swansong’ by Christopher Bruce. The choreography is very challenging and requires the students to trust their peers enough to be lifted. Miss Bush has been into all year 10 lessons and so far has been incredibly impressed with the work; keep up the good work year 10! 

Year 11 update 

Year 11 GCSE Dance students have now completed all of their practical assessments for the course, which only leaves the Unit 1 written paper to be completed on the 4th June. Revision sessions are running every Wednesday and Thursday after school or at alternative times by appointment only; please see your teachers if you would like extra help. There are some great resources to help the preparation for this exam in the ‘applications’ drive of the school systems. Good luck year 11! 

Clacton College of Dance 

Please remember that classes run every Monday and Tuesday night in Tap, Ballet and Disco. See the posters around the Academy or your class teachers for more information.