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Subject Focus On Drama

posted 28 Feb 2014, 05:19 by H Slim   [ updated 28 Feb 2014, 05:19 ]

Year 7 Drama 

Following on from the Chinese Theatre Workshop that students attended, for a piece of homework students created fans and masks based on Chinese Theatre designs. The creativity and imagination shown was outstanding and the effort that students made should be highly commended. Some examples of the work created can be seen in the pictures. 

Italian Theatre 

As we now move to study traditions in Italian theatre students in DR7O1 created freeze-frames that show status and power, a key characterisation point in Italian theatre. After we had discussed the difference between a Facebook status and status within the community, students got to grips with how different people in different situation have more status than others. They explored status in teachers and pupils, kings/queens and subjects and employer and employee. We were very impressed with the effort and focus that went into these lessons. 

Year 9 History of Theatre 

In response to a student voice group, a new scheme of work has been introduced this term that looks at the History of Theatre. Starting with the roots of Greek theatre, then Morality plays students are now exploring Elizabethan Theatre and will go on to extend the work completed in English on Romeo and Juliet. Using Elizabethan Acting Techniques students will be able to perform as Shakespeare intended the play. 

The response to the SOW has been very positive; students have engaged with understanding and learning about the roots of theatre and as we move towards Contemporary Theatre, students will be able to see the links and developments that have occurred. 

For homework students have been writing an extended piece based on the History of Greek Theatre. The amount of effort that has been put some of these projects has been outstanding and it has been refreshing to read such detailed, knowledgeable projects. Coming soon, the Elizabethan section. 

Year 11 

GCSE Drama students are now preparing for their final performance exam; there will be a mock exam performance on Friday 21st March at 7pm followed by the visiting examiner final performance on the 4th April. All students are welcome to attend any night of the week in room 931b to rehearse and perfect their piece. Nearly there guys, keep focused and working hard. 

Year 10 

GCSE Drama students are working on their first text in performance piece; a play called A Memory Of Lizzie written by David Foxton. In researching the play the students turned up many interesting facts that I didn’t know! The students have really taken on board performing from a text and are working hard on learning lines and characterisation. I look forward to the final assessed piece on 17th March. 

LOSERVILLE It’s not too late to get involved. If you did not audition and are interested in a role in the chorus please see Mrs Beacham, Mrs Slim or Miss Perry.