Key Stage 3 PE in the first half term

The PE department prides itself on giving all of our student’s fantastic opportunities, not only to make progress in PE lessons, but also to prepare for life in sport, outside of school. We have already implemented a number of initiatives since September and have more ideas for the rest of the school year. If you have any ideas of how to develop the PE department further please ask your PE teacher how to get involved with the new PE Student Council. Perhaps there is a new sport you would like to try or you would like to give your views on the curriculum and extra-curricular clubs?

Introducing the PE Keywords of the Week

By now I am confident that you will be well aware of what the PE keywords of the week are but, just in case this is a quick summary. So that you have the best chance to succeed if you decide to take GCSE PE or BTEC Sport as an option in year 10, we are going to begin teaching some of the key terminology that you will need to understand in year 7, 8 and 9.

Every week there will be a focus on two different keywords. You will find the keywords displayed in every changing room and PE teaching space. One will be a part of anatomy on the body, a muscle or bone; and one will be related to your sports performance. During your lesson your teacher will define, describe and give examples of when the keyword would be important during sports performance.

*My tip to you, is to be prepared. You may be asked about the keywords of the week by any member of the PE department, at any time!

Year 7’s have completed the Young Leader Award

During the first half term of PE at CCA, year 7 have had the opportunity to become ‘Young Leaders’. Every group has completed a unit of work including how to become a leader, how to improve their communication, how to work as part of a team and how to select the correct equipment and space for different age and ability groups. We hope that you have enjoyed your half term, there are now a number of opportunities available to you including; leading a short warm up or cool down activity in lesson. Assisting at a transition events, becoming a journalist and writing an article for the newsletter about a fixture or applying for the PE Student Council.

My question to all year 7 students is, what will you do next with your qualification?

Fixtures review

Following on from a hugely successful year for the Academy’s sports teams; our rugby, netball and football teams were eager to get this year’s fixtures underway. The year 8 rugby team are not only playing in the Coastal League this year, but they have also entered the Essex Cup as well. The boys have put in a huge amount of effort and determination in each game that they have played so far. The under 16’s girls have continued their 2 year winning streak beating CCHS 5-2; they still have a number of fixtures to play but the positive start makes for an exciting year ahead.

The under 14’s girls football team are building on their early results beating TTC and the Colne; we have so many girls playing in year 8 and 9 that we have two teams playing the league. The year 8 girls have the N power cup to look forward to on the 28th of November; we are hoping to retain our title as regional winners. The year 8 Netball team took part and won the AET Lions regional Netball tournament. The girls showed a fantastic sense of team work and excellent play in order to take home the gold medals.

The year 9 Netball team have played some incredibly close games this year; coming out on top in most of the games. The team look forward to playing CCHS next week which is always a well fought match.

It is still early on in the league and we are all looking forward to seeing how all of our teams continue to progress throughout the year.

Inspirational Schools Cricket Project

Our cricket development has also gone from strength to strength and our winter coaching has just started. This year we have opened up the coaching sessions led by Essex CCC coaches to all girls within the academy. We have been very impressed with the self motivation and drive shown by our students to continue to participate and to compete in a sport which is quite new to them.

Another academic year down the line and we have a new cricket project in mind. This time we will be looking at the redevelopment of the county cricket ground in Chelmsford, ‘employing’ some students to be project managers for areas of development and ‘selling’ their ideas to corporate and business personnel from all over the county of Essex. Will you be one of the lucky students to represent CCA in the project which starts at the end of this term??!!

As always, CCA’s PE department will continue to provide inspiration to aspire towards greater achievements.

Mr D Smith

Miss S McLaren

Miss K Allington