Technology over the last two years has gone from strength to strength. Originally there were just 35 students studying GCSE resistant materials. Now over 275 students enjoy studying resistant materials, electronic products and Design Engineer Construct. 

This term lots of exciting learning has been going on. Within Year 11 students have been creating their final practical pieces and this year we have some amazing work from Resistant Materials and Electronics. Have a look for your self. 

Marvin Bolton’s 3 process circuit. Built in timer, with pulse and chaser sequence for his money box 

Within year 10 they have been undertaking mini projects based on the GCSE specification they are studying, resistant materials students have produced a small trinket box and phone holder so far working with wood and plastics. Next they will be using metal to produce castings. Electronic students have been using a variety of components and processes to make a variety of interfaced circuits. 


Year 9 students have been producing a timer circuit for brushing teeth and now their latest project is to create a automatic night light. 

Mr S Hodge 

Lead Teacher for