Year 7 Community Sevens! 

As promised I have some news on the points from last week. 

The student email address is the same as the ICT login. You use your email address to share work to your Google drive when working on the chrome books. 

A dedicated year 7 homework club is under discussion and the after school clubs currently available are being verified by The Children’s University as soon as possible. I will bring you more news on both of these areas next week. 

This week has been Anti-Bullying week across the UK. Year 7 watched a hard-hitting video in the hall this week regarding support we currently have for students if they are bullied either in school or out of school. I have to say it was not a film to be watched lightly but the maturity of students was a credit to them. Well done! 

That's all from me this week other than to share the Year 7 Twitter feed where pictures and information are 

available. The twitter feed is @CCAYear 7 

Mr Davenport 

Achievement Director Year 7 

Year 8 Outstanding Eights! 

Staff have been sending the year team emails praising our Year 8 students. Many successes were outstanding and have been celebrated in assembly. 

Mr Ruffell was very pleased his Art classes: “I am writing to say what an absolute pleasure it is to teach AR8X1 who have produced some lovely grayscale 

drawings. AR8Y3 continue to be a delight; having just printed their engravings”! 

Mr Simpson also emailed regarding his Maths class. “Please congratulate my Maths class 8Y2 for their improved attitude and behaviour over the last week! 

A special mention to Shannon Hynes, Lewis Denny, Chloe Kelly, and Bayley Johnson for their continued effort and high levels of work! 

Well done to all the students mentioned. It is lovely to celebrate their successes. 

Mrs Lowis 

Achievement Director Year 8 

Year 9 Homework Miles! 

This week the year 9 team have launched ‘Home work miles!’ This has come about after a number of telephone conversations with parents about homework. The aim is to instil independent learning and develop the skills required for Level 2 programmes of study. How will it work? 

Year 9 will earn miles for each piece of homework completed and it’s a straight race to 15 points to be rewarded WITH A PRIZE! We will also have a 2nd 

and 3rd place finisher in each round. At the end of each term we will also have a winning Street Crew (Tutor group). 

With the poor weather starting to settle in now we are doing all we can as a year team to encourage students to attend and not miss out on their learning. We have a number of projects and campaigns to encourage and support our students. We will be issuing our 98-100% students this week with a hot Chocolate and their certificate. Tutors will also be issuing students with catch-up sheets when they return to school after having a day off. The aim is to complete the work in their own time preparing them for next year where a number of subjects will be completing Controlled Assessments. 

Mr Hodge 

Achievement Director Year 9 

Year 10 Celebrating Progress! 

Celebrating Progress! 

This week we welcomed parents and carers as they came to discuss their child's learning and progress at the Year Ten Parents' Consultation Evening. It was a positive evening and I was pleased to hear so many stunning reports of students' hard working attitude to learning as they progress towards their amber and green targets. Thank you to everyone involved. 

Anti Bullying Week 

Students have been participating in raising the awareness of anti bullying this week in their lessons. I must say from my own experience, students' maturity and sensitvity when discussing bullying is exceptional; their compassion and understanding really shone through - well done! 

Pride of Essex Finalist! 

Back in September, I received an email from the 'Pride of Essex' foundation asking if I had anyone whom I would like to nominate for their award. Following her outstanding speech in the Speak Out competition on Alcoholism, and her dedication to supporting others facing similar challenges, I decided to nominate Chelsie Moore-Copp. I am delighted to share with you that Chelsie has been short listed for the finals next week. I will be joining her and her family at the formal awards, celebrating her fantastic achievement. Do we have a CCA 'Pride of Essex' winner ? Watch this space for an update next week! 

Miss Blagrove 

Year 10 Achievement Director 

Year 11 iComms Winners! 

It was lovely to celebrate the top ten iComms winners in Year 11 this week. Well done to all of you - clearly you are getting it right! It was also great to celebrate the fantastic work of Kia Baker Williams. We received the following email from Mr Cooper this week: 

'Kia is an outstanding student who works incredi-bly hard. She always puts in 100% effort and produces work of the highest quality. Please let her know that it has not gone unnoticed.' 

Please can I take the opportunity to remind parents and carers that mock exams start in two weeks for Year 11 students. There is NO study leave for these exams

Students are expected to be in school from 8:35am-2:50pm as usual. When the students are not in an exam, they will be in their normal timetabled lessons. 

Miss Wells: 

Year 11 Achievement Director