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What’s going on @ CCA?

posted 28 Feb 2014, 05:11 by H Slim   [ updated 28 Feb 2014, 05:13 ]

Next Stop Clacton Coastal Academy! 

A new high speed tube station is to be built at the entrance of Clacton Coastal Academy – allowing students to travel safely and quickly between each campus and a variety of leisure facilities in the town! Eco-buggies will whisk students between lessons – with each faculty being based in its own subject zone! A spectacular space dome will tower above the town, reaching high in to the sky – housing a showcase planetarium set to bring astrophysics to life! These are just some of the ideas generated by your i-Achieve Infinity students! Students from Years 7-10 are the architects of these ambitious plans and they are now striving to put their literacy skills to good use by marketing their ‘schools of the future’ with a persuasive digital prospectus. The commitment and enthusiasm of our students has been phenomenal. Attendance is at an all time high and the young people fortunate enough to have been awarded a place at the Infinity Academy are already seeing the impact of their work and dedication. 

Keep up the good work! 

Mr S Hodge 

KS 3 Dance East Workshop 

On the 26th February, 25 of our talented KS3 Dance students took part in a contemporary and creative workshop led by Katie Webster who is part of the Dance East Centre for Advanced Training. Dance East is based in Jerwood Dance-house in Ipswich and offers a range of regular dance classes and workshops to students in our community. It also boasts the Centre for Advanced Training which offers professional dance training for those lucky enough to gain one of the coveted places. 

For more information on Dance East, please see Miss Bush or ring 01473 295230. There is also is also information on the website 

Here’s what some of our students had to say about the experience: 

Jolie Jerram- very good we would love to do this more often. 

Kiera Boyce – something new and I loved it! 

Toni-Tamar Suther-land - it was fantastic and an amazing opportunity and it would be great to do this more. 

Jasmine Metcalfe - It was incredibly interesting and exciting! It was such a great opportunity! 

Dance Department 

CCA History Exhibition 

On 25th February 2014 Clacton Coastal Academy had its very first ‘History Exhibition’. This event was a huge success and was an event that captured the interest of many parents and Year 9 students, namely. 

The exhibition was put on for Year 9 students specifically to advertise what we will be studying at GCSE in History, but it was open to others as well and on the evening many more came, from different year’s groups to see what was going on. 

During the day on the 25th February the Year 10 students had access to the WW1 Mobile Museum, as it is going to be linked with their studies on the ‘Causes and Event of the First World War’. The Mobile Museum brought along hundreds of artefacts for the students to look at and touch, which was an opportunity greatly received by all of the Year 10s. 

The student and parental response to the museum and artefacts was outstanding and it highlighted the fact that many students and parents are historians in the making! The evening was a perfect blend of the old and new, the old being the artefacts from a century ago of course! The new being those who were interested and inspired by some of the stories that were told by the professionals. 

Furthermore, not only did we have access to a WW1 Mobile Museum, we also had access to for the evening, Albert Scott’s own personal collection. Albert Scott was a schoolboy in Clacton during WW2, and collected many artefacts from the time, which he brought along to show us. Albert Scott had many local artefacts and many tales to tell, so people who spoke to him were very captured by what he had to say. Albert Scott is one of the Chairmen at the East Essex Aviation Society and Museum in Point Clear, if you wanted to visit a wider collection. 

Finally, a final word must go to Benjamin Rockell of Clacton Coastal Academy. Ben gave up lots of time to organise this exhibition; he attended department meetings with the History department and he organised the event itself, down to the layout of the hall and the catering that was on offer for all of the parents and students. The catering was a massive success and a big thanks must go to Spencer Vickers, Tanya Carter, Jo Parsons, Jenna Jones, Emily Larkin and everyone else who assisted with this – you did a stunning job! Overall, this was a superb event – well done to Ben for coming up with the idea in the first place, as well as putting the event together. 

Miss Beach