Year 7 Progress! 

A very sincere welcome back to everybody in Year 7 . I hope you had an excellent break. It is now back to the business of progress, progress and progress. 

The new half term equals a new start and fresh thinking. You have had time to reflect over the holiday on your first half term here at CCA, I hope it was positive. For the huge majority of students it’s all about continuing to impress, improve, make that progress we expect and being here, because, if you are not here you are not making progress. 

So, welcome back, well done for half term 1 and lets push on doing well for Christmas. 

Mr Davenport 

Year 7 Achievement Director 

Year 8 Attendance 

Year 8 have hit the ground running this week. We have gone to the vote for our charity this week led by the year team council, more news to follow. Hopefully students are right behind the change for charity campaign and they have a bottle ready to collect up any loose change they have. We have launched the team Hodge vs Rawlings competition to help motivate and inspire some of our students. Points are awarded for attendance and positive behaviour and we will have weekly winners. I will be joining some of the year 8 boys Dance groups so they can have me as part of the dance troop... There may be a new year 8 flash mob dance coming your way! 

Attendance is the big focus for this term want to see everyone giving it their all to get in on time and boost attendance. Only 1 tutor group has managed 100% this year and Mr Seager’s group are stealing the show with the best attendance and commendations. His words to his form group "don't get complacent, the only way we can lose this is if we let ourselves down" sounds like fighting talk to me. Are any tutor group going to step up and take them on? Mr Coopers are only 100 behind... Could this be your week? 

Great to see people starting to follow our Twitter account. Keep up the great work year 8. We are just 23 commendations ahead of year 7 now and at the start of the week we were 200 behind so well done! Remember any student who hits that magic 100 commendations this term gets a present from me and Miss Rawlings. 

Mr Hodge - Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 Mighty Nines 

I have been delighted to see the students fully immersing themselves into their studies - the level of enthusiasm and positive behaviour for learning has been to a high stand-ard - keep it up! 

The highlight of my week was an email from Mrs Beacham; “Just wanted to let you know that I have just had an amazing lesson with this group; they really took on board the techniques that we were working with and created some well thought out, creative pieces of Drama. I am real-ly pleased with the progress that they have made this lesson which should be reflected in the assessment next lesson. 

Of particular note were: 

Hannah Gooch, Bradley Davies and Ben Matthews.” 

Congratulations to all - keep it up! 

We need to have a MIGHTY push on attendance - remember we are striving for 100%. In the event that you are too poorly to come into school, please ring the Year Nine absence line informing us of your child's absence. 

Miss Blagrove Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Clacton Food Bank 

Year 10 are committed to supporting their chosen charities. Each tutor group has a bottle which they are making small donations to whenever possible. At Christmas time, the Year Council representatives will feed back to Mr Simpson (Deputy Achievement Director) which charity they feel we should support. This Christmas we will also be supporting Clacton’s much needed ‘Food Bank.’ Clacton’s food bank is part of The Trussell Trust foodbank network that works in partnership with local churches and organisations to bring foodbanks to communities across the UK. There are now over 300 foodbanks in the net-work. 13 million people live below the poverty line in the UK and Clacton’s foodbank provides a minimum of 3 days emergency food and support to local people in crisis. As we all start preparing for Christmas, we are asking our Year 10 students to see if there are any non-perishable foods at home (as listed on the next page) that their parents/carers may wish to donate. 

Mrs Starmer and Mrs Lowis - Year 10 Achievement Directors 

Year 11 Information Evening 

Firstly, many congratulations to all those students who attended Science revision over the half term holiday. It was wonderful to see such a large number of students coming in to do this revision and give themselves the best possible chance of doing well in the exam that they took on Tuesday afternoon. Well done to those students who took the exam – behaviour and attitude was, once again, exemplary. 

We really have hit the ground running this half term with revision classes, support classes, Science exams and English exams all in the same week! It has been busy but the students have risen to the challenge and shown what they are capable of. 

Secondly, you should have received a letter over the half term about our Mock Exams Information Evening on November 11th. Your child will be booking an appointment for you to come in to school to collect your child’s mock exam timetable and revision support material and to speak with a member of our senior team at the Academy. There will also be an opportunity to talk to our sixth form team about options for next year and our careers team will be on hand to discuss courses which may be of interest. It will be an informative evening and of great benefit to students and parents / carers. 

The Year 11 Team look forward to seeing you all there. Miss Wells -Year 11 Achievement Director