Year 7

This week has everything to do with embedding success and achievement. It is great to see the amount of commendations is increasing at pace! (28,094) The highest amount in any year group in the academy. 

Well done! Attendance, commendations, staff praise, yet more badges, competition winners, the list of successes to celebrate goes on and on. As I say in assembly, this is 

all to do with you and the correct attitude you have chosen to take. Well done to you all! It would be remiss of me not to also thank the tutors, the parents, Mrs West, Miss McCluskey and Mrs Beales for their continued support. Without all of these people Year 7 would not be as good as it is in and around CCA.

Mr Davenport, Achievement Director

Year 8

This week has been another positive week for Year 8s with many commendations being issued by staff. Top of the league table since September is  Thomas King who has gained 209 commendations. Maxine Alderwinckle is in second place with 198 and Cameron Clancy-McGeoghan with 196. Who will be top of the leader board at the end of this half term?

This week Year 8 students have participated in a data conference to discuss their academic progress and choices they may want to make ready for next year. 

Their maturity throughout this process has been outstanding. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this please contact the year office.

Mrs Lowis, Achievement Director

Year 10

As we reach the half way point of Year 10, we are beginning to prepare students for their Year 10 examinations which are calendared in for the 18th - 11nd April. These are designed to afford students an opportunity to sit a formal assessment in their chosen GSCE area, as well as allow subject areas to further review progress and attainment at this stage of the course. They should be no longer than 45 minutes but will take place in formal exam conditions in the hall.

I would encourage students to begin thinking about devising a revision timetable in preparation for their examinations.

Furthermore, many students have access to online resources such as Google classroom which they should regularly visit for any supporting materials. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of additional on line supporting 

websites that may be of use;

Computer science:


Geography: for general revision for general revision where pupils can watch many of the videos seen in class; each lesson sheet has the title of the video already included so pupils just type that in the search bar. for pupils to type in the name of a case study, then research the news events linked to them plus statistics that will help.

Google Maps or Google Earth can be a great resource to find photographs and satellite imagery of the places we have studied so far.

Science: This provides students with the textbooks online for all of the science courses we do. It also has practice exam questions that can be set by teachers for them to complete at home.

The Study Centre is open every day afterschool from 2.50pm until 3.50pm giving students an area to study quietly with access to computers if required. We also run  a ‘Stress Busters’ workshop in the B4L room every Friday from 8.00am-9.00am where students can pop in if they are feeling anxious or stressed about exams.

Miss Blagrove, Achievement Director

Year 11

Next week is mock exam week again for Year 11 students. 
Most subject areas are holding mock exams and the students 
have had opportunities in tutorial time to seek advice and 
support from teachers on how to revise and what to revise in 
preparation for these exams. 

It is extremely important for 
the students that they have a clear picture of what they now 
need to do in the final run up to the main exams and these 
mock exams will do exactly that.

It was lovely to hear from Mrs Slim that she was extremely 
impressed with the GCSE Drama students in their exam at 
the start of the week. They all worked extremely hard and 
took it very seriously. 

Great stuff! 
I am hoping that I will be able to report a win for the boys’ 
football team in next week's newsletter. I look forward to 
being able to do that.

After school revision is still continuing and I would, once 
again, ask for your support in ensuring that your child 
attends all of these sessions.

Miss Wells, Achievement Director