Year 7 

I have written this piece a couple of days after the Year 7 Parents’ Evening as I would like to reflect on the event. 

Firstly, I must start by thanking our parents and students for attending in such large numbers. Well over half of the year group were in attendance over the course of the evening, which is a really good percentage. I saw a good number of parents and I heard nothing but positive comments. 

Miss McCluskey and Mrs West also commented on the positive atmosphere of the evening. All teachers were singing their students’ praises, which is always a good thing. 

A huge thank you to parents who completed the feed-back questionnaires during the evening. We had an excellent response. Of course we have a few points to work on and I will be contacting parents over the course of this week to answer their queries. 

I'm sure the positive nature of the event will continue for the rest of the academic year. A massively huge, sincere, 

humbling and excellent well done to all! 

Mr Davenport, Achievement Director 

Year 8 

Year 8 students have started the term on a positive note. 81% of the year group achieved 100% attendance for last week and were put forward for the prize draw. I would like to congratulate Neve McGuninness, Kieran Blackbourne, Harrison Burfoot, Alfie Young, Dominic Bowerman, Jessica Burnett, Emilee Fleming, Emmie Harrison, Sinead Green and Paul Harold who have all received a free lunch voucher. 

Who will be in the draw for next week? 

We are looking for students who would be interested in writing articles for the Year 8 Tutor Newsletter. If your child is interested please can you encourage them to discuss this with a member of the Year Team. 

Mrs Lowis, Achievement Director 

Year 9 

What a great start to the term! Year 9 have charged into these weeks with 96% attendance and some amazing data from the latest assessments in English. Year 9 also came out on top for the attendance competition in the Spring Term. 

I would like to congratulate Joe Holmes who has accepted the position of Year 9 News Report Editor. He is going to be starting a new team to launch a Year 9 Newsletter next term. I'm very excited to see the work that Year 9 will pull together. 

We have Parents Evening this week. I’m hoping to see the best turn out ever with Year 9’s taking options subjects for next year. 

Mr Hodge, Achievement Director 

Year 10 

Year Ten Examination Success!  As you will know, Year 10 has sat their formal examinations this week. Their mature, responsible manner has been exemplary - a stunning example of doing it the CCA way! 

Please be aware, if your child has missed an exam, they will be expected to complete it within the curriculum area. I look forward to celebrating their success too. 

It's coming....BTEC Boot Camp! I am in the process of organising a BTEC Boot Camp where I will be inviting students (by letter of invitation) who have uncomplete units along to catch up. It is important students are as up to date as possible as we move into the ever crucial Year 11, 

to ensure students are able to make good progress. 

Watch this space! 

Miss Blagrove, Achievement Director 

Year 11 

Year 11 students are now working with their Study Package Timetables. These have been personalised for each student and include details of all exams and revision 

sessions. Students have also been given their final examination timetables and they should have shared these with you. 

May I remind you that the final IGCSE English exam is on Tuesday 3rd May. The students will be in revision sessions in the morning and these are compulsory. 

After school revision sessions are still running every night, except Tuesday’s, and teachers are available to support Year 11 students with exam preparation over the next few weeks. Please encourage your child to attend as many as possible. 

My favourite event of the year, Prom , has been announced! Our 'Masked Prom' will be on Friday 1st July. Arrivals will begin at 6.45pm and the Prom will finish at 10.30pm. Tickets are now available to purchase for £8. The price includes a disco, drinks and food for the entire evening. There will be a photographer at the Prom too, to record the students' special memories of their last CCA event in Year 11. I would advise all students to avoid booking limousines for their arrival as these vehicles are not able to manoeuvre in to the turning circle! We look forward to seeing all the students in their finery! 

Miss Well, Achievement Director