Year 7 

It’s been a while since I last wrote in the weekly newsletter so I would like to take this opportunity welcome back the Year 7s for their final and most important term. 

As Achievement Director for the year group, I take a great amount of pride that Year 7 have worked, and are working, really well in all subjects. I am particularly impressed with students in 7KMI and 7DSU for the work they have done and the amount they have achieved in tutor time. A big well done to you all! 

It is fantastic to see that that a very large number of students have completed the ‘Speak Out’ competition. More on that later! 

It would be remiss of me not to mention Commendations; it is gives me huge pride that Year 7 is by far ahead in the charts for the amount of Commendations achieved. An excellent achievement! 

Finally as we all settle back into the new term here at CCA I should also remind students to make sure that their planners are signed on a weekly basis and that they al-ways bring in the correct school equipment. 

A Davenport, Achievement Director 

Year 8 

All boys who received 100% attendance for week 

beginning 18th April were placed into a prize draw. The winning students received a hot chocolate, doughnuts and commendations. I would like to congratulate Kieran Batchelor, Thomas Betts, Thomas Boorman, Alfie Cooke, Callum Cunningham, Jack French, Dylan Higgs, Brandon Ivell, Charley Leverno and 

Brandon-Lee Wright. 

Mrs Lowis, Achievement Director 

Year 9 

This week we hosted the Year 9 ‘Oscars’ celebrations. Students and staff made nominations and voted for the different categories. 

This year the nominations for ‘Male Sports’ were Connor Williamson, Jack Pemberton, Harry Pemberton and Rio Johnson, with Connor walking away with the prize for his dedication and determination in the Academy football team. The ‘Female Sports’ award nominees were Becky McDougall, Paige Knight, Aimee Sharpe, Grace Pinner and Lucy Tilbury. All were very closely nominated with only a handful of votes pushing Lucy to the top spot. 

The ‘Behaviour’ award saw the most nominations out of all of the categories, with Caitlin Boyle, John Alison, Daisy Joy, Ronnie Moir and Kieran Whitear being put forward. 

Ronnie was the star of this show with the Year Team select-ing him as the winner because the group was tied. 

The ‘Year Team Award’ is always selected by the staff and we look at who is consistently doing what they need to do. We had some very high calibre nominations: Miss Cole for her support of the Year Team; Chloe Mansell, Lois Lloyd and Riley Foreman. This year we felt Lois had been one of our many superstars. 

We also had a fantastic performance from Megan Lawrence who sang for the year group. Well done year 9! 

Mr Hodge, Achievement Director 

Year 10 

Mrs Croucher went to the Mercury Theatre this week to see 'Ireland's Call' and was proud to see our aspiring Jolie Jerram dancing on stage during the production. Jolie’s skill and technique when dancing in an Irish style were outstanding. Mrs Croucher remarked 'I was beaming with pride as I sat in the audience and clapped along. Her professionalism throughout the performance was exemplary. Well done Jolie!’ 

Exam success! 

It was so lovely to receive the following email from the Examinations Office in regards to the students' behaviour and mature conduct during their exams last week; 

‘Mrs Gardiner and I would like to take this opportunity to convey our grateful thanks to the Year 10 Team for their help this week. Your Year 10 students were an absolute credit to you all - they were truly lovely! They approached the whole week with maturity and good humour.’ 

Mrs Hart , Exams Officer 

Students will receive their results over the next week and will be going over the papers in class to ensure positive, constructive feedback. 

BTEC Boot Camp...It’s Coming! 

I now have a list of students who I will be inviting along to Boot Camp, affording them an opportunity to catch up with any outstanding coursework and improve their grades ready for Year 11. Letters will be released by the end of the week. 

Miss Blagrove, Achievement Director