Year 7 

It was Muhammad Ali who said "He or she who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." The last couple of weeks in the UK we have seen courageous people stand up for what they believe to define the future of all of us. Year 7 took part in that process as well. I’m not a political commentator so I’m not going to comment but I have to say it was humbling to be involved with the CCA EU Referendum. Year 7 exercised a vote, as did every other year group. The CCA vote mirrored the national vote, 52% to 48%. Well done Year 7 for listening to the arguments, reading the literature and making an informed decision in a mature way. 

As I write this we have 3 weeks and a day until the end of term. Year 8 is fast approaching. Year 7, how are you going to ensure you have best possible grades, attendance and progress? 

Mr Davenport, Achievement Director 

Year 8 

Year 8 students have all been fully engaged in conversations since voting in the CCA EU referendum. It was very interesting result that, despite an overall academy vote to leave, Year 8 students voted to remain. 

I had the honour to attend the Speak Out Challenge on Monday evening. Five students in our year group showed resilience and courage to complete a talk in front of parents and staff. I would like to congratulate Bobby Scott, Chloe Dawson, Summer Brookes, Emmie Harrison and Roisin Fordham for their excellent performances on the night. 

Attendance is currently looking good for most students in Year 8. Please can I take this opportunity to remind you that if your child is absent from school you are required to telephone the Academy to inform us of the reason. 

All Year 8 students received CCA Activities Weeks booklets last week. Please can you ensure that your child has returned their choice of trip and Curriculum Day options as these are now overdue. 

Mrs Lowis, Achievement Director 

Year 9 

Year 9 had a wonderful opportunity recently. A group of specially selected students got to work with Clive Edwards at the Essex Boys and Girls Clubs on the Respect Project. The students selected; Reanna Lacey, Lauren Mullineaux, Rio Johnson, Sam Stephenson and Jordan Gosling worked together to complete two challenging outdoor activity days, followed by an eight week evening programme. This was followed by a residential activity week in the Lake District. Students had the opportunity to challenge themselves and conquer fears. Working on skills such as team work, self-discipline and showing courage. 

All students successfully passed the course and were awarded a certificate. Clive passed on how very proud he was of all students involved and that they were a credit to the Academy. 

Miss Rawlings, Deputy Achievement Director 

Year 10 

Students have been busily working away at their English and Maths exams this week. I think it is fair to say that for many, completing a full paper was somewhat testing, however a valuable experience in their preparation for the formal GCSEs with many able to reflect on what went well and what they need to address in the future. 

You will have by now received your child's end of year report giving you a clear indication of their progress half way through the GCSE course. I would urge students to ensure every effort is put in place so they are up to date with their learning ahead of Year 11. Students, who are behind with their learning, could have their Year 11 day extended to afford them additional study hours. With many classes and subject areas offering catch up and Google class-rooms, and the availability of the Study Centre after school, students have every opportunity to ensure they are up to date. 

A gentle reminder as we approach the end of the year to ensure our expectations of uniform and punctuality are successfully maintained. Please note: hoop earrings are not appropriate for school - subtle studs are fine. 

Miss Blagrove, Achievement Director