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posted 2 Mar 2015, 05:48 by H Slim   [ updated 2 Mar 2015, 05:49 ]

This week auditions for the school Production ‘From Stage to Screen’ started to take place. The first round of auditions saw actors reading a soliloquy as either Romeo or Juliet or a scene from ‘My Fair Lady’ as either Eliza Dolittle or Mr Higgins. 

Throughout the week further open auditions will be taking place with choreography and songs from the popular ’Hairspray’. There will be a ‘mop up’ session for anyone who was unable to attend auditions this week on Monday 2nd March in room 933. Call backs for those that have auditioned will be announced at the end of this week. 

Good luck! 

Year 7 Drama – This term students in year 7 are studying Drama from different cultures. With a focus on African, Greek and Italian Theatre students will learn skills such as storytelling, chorus, mask work and develop movement and gesture to support the skills base learnt in term one. They will also acquire knowledge in the roots of Theatre History and how these cultures and traditions inform Drama practice today. 

We look forward to seeing some of the masks that will be produced as a result of their work. 

Year 8 Drama – Students in year 8 are continuing their journey of studying different genres in Drama and the different acting skills required to perform in these genres. There has been some excellent work on Action Film Trailers (particularly from DR8Y3) and students are really starting to think about the genre in which they are performing and what skills they need in order to give a successful performance. 

Year 9 Drama – This term is based around the History of Theatre and specially the Elizabethan Period. As a key period of Theatre History for England students are exploring the use of Elizabethan acting conventions such as soliloquy, aside and declamatory acting; the restrictions of Elizabethan Theatre such as no women being

allowed to act and the use of set, props and other stage effects and how this period brought England in line with other countries such as France and Italy. Alongside the practical work students are also completing an extended written project; some of this will be completed as homework tasks so please remember to complete these tasks on time and hand in to your teacher for marking and feedback. 

KS4 Drama – Year 10. 

Year 10 are continuing their work on Unit 3 (Written Exam) set text Face-The Play. This play deals with the journey of a young man, Martin, who finds his life changes after a horrific car accident. It has been very encouraging to see the positive and mature attitude that students have taken with the text and how engaged they are in the lessons. As we now approach practice for the written exam students must ensure that they continue this engagement and remember that Drama is more that a practical subject! 

Year 11 Drama - Year 11 are busy preparing various scenes for the Unit 2 (Performance From a Text) practical exam. A visiting examiner will watch the performances from The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, Stags and Hens by Willy Russell and Betrayed by Harold Pinter. As with unit 1, the commitment and effort of the students is faultless; the energy and enthusiasm given to each lesson is comprehendible and I really can’t wait to see the scenes polished and performed. 

Mrs Beacham 

Learning Director for Performance & Design