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Subject Focus on Catering and Hospitality

posted 22 Apr 2015, 02:11 by H Slim   [ updated 22 Apr 2015, 02:12 ]

It’s been business as usual in the Hospitality and Catering department with events being catered for and the drive to complete coursework. 

During these incredibly busy times it’s hard to focus on a specific item that warrants sole attention as it would be unfair to praise the talent and care we see on a daily basis in the department so I will provide a summary of all areas… 

  •  Our year 11 students have been working hard to complete their final pieces of coursework and began their revision for the final examination and have all produced great work at a high level. 
  • Our lower years have been working exceptionally hard to prepare and cook numerous dishes of a high standard, this coupled with their ambition to create more challenging dishes has led to more visitors to the department from other areas of the Academy in the hope of being taste testers, this is always welcomed by the students who appreciate the feedback and act upon it to hone their skills and produce even better work. 
  • The year 10 catering students have outdone themselves with their efforts in and out of the classroom, they have produced fantastic coursework pieces and demonstrated their professional skills in the numerous after school activities where they have run professional cookery demonstrations and prepared and cooked for guests to the Academy of a high standard that is consistently commented on as being amazing. 
  • Our sixth form students have supported with the hospitality events yet again demonstrating their exceptional skills in customer service and the endeavour to exceed our guests’ expectations of the Academy, this has been evident from the feedback we receive and the comments passed on from members of staff in the Academy. 

It has been an amazing year thus far and I hope to see more of our exceptionally talented student’s dishes, classwork and coursework improve as we enter into the final term. It is a great feeling to see such talented individuals undertake challenge as our students do and never give up on perfecting their skills and raising the bar consistently in both their culinary, academic and professional development. 

Mr S Vickers