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What’s going on @ CCA?

posted 21 Mar 2014, 04:06 by H Slim   [ updated 21 Mar 2014, 04:08 ]

Last week Mike Mullen from Sky Sports came in to Inner College to work with some Year 8 and Year 10 students. Mike told us a story about how he never liked sport growing up until he was 11 when he got his first bike. He went on to become BMX World Champion in 1998. We went outside and he taught us tricks on the BMX’s. To tell

you the truth, my lack of focus and confidence overwhelmed me and it was affecting my performance. However, I still participat-ed and my confidence grew. By the time we were balancing on the wheel of the bike I felt sure I could give it a go. I felt proud of myself for doing it. 

Afterwards Mike took us inside and we learnt about the six skills (mental tough-ness, hunger to achieve, people skills, sports and life knowledge, breaking barriers and planning for success) and I admit I think the whole group did at least one of these throughout the day. 

In my opinion, the point of the day was to never give up on anything and to overcome our fears (mine was confidence, which I sort of overcame) and to trust the people surrounding you. Mike also taught us not to get big-headed because he did and it cost him his first chance at the World Championship, but he continued on and he eventually became what he set out to be. 

Molly Frost, Year 10. Inner College.