Students at Clacton Coastal Academy have been embracing the election fever by running their own election campaign. Five sixth form students volunteered to represent the five main parties and for the last six weeks they have been campaigning around the academy to secure students votes. Each candidate has had a team of KS3 & 4 students supporting them along the way and all have worked hard discussing their policies in assembly and answering questions at break times. 

Chris Southall, Giles Watling, Douglas Carswell and Tim Young, local candidates for Clacton, visited the academy to talk to the students about their campaigns and answer their questions on local policy. 

This has been a fantastic opportunity to further educate our sixth form politics students and they have not disappointed us, taking on this challenge with gusto. Our local candidates were very impressed with the insightful (and sometimes very tough) questions they were asked. This has been an invaluable lesson for all involved. 

This week the campaign reached it’s peak with a question time style debate on Tuesday, where all five CCA candidates had their last chance to secure student votes. We had a fantastic turnout at the debate in support of our candidates. They were well prepared and eloquent with their answers, we certainly have some future politicians in the making! 

All students will now place their votes on Thursday, you can watch the live feed on our website to find out who will be victorious! Candidate students involved were: 

Jordan Reeve, River Happer, Charlie Hammond, Cameron Hawthorne, Louis Smith and Luke McKuur.