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What's going on @ CCA?

posted 23 May 2014, 01:57 by H Slim   [ updated 23 May 2014, 01:57 ]

Primary School Transition Programme 

Over the past year we have been seeking to develop our links with our feeder primaries. There have been a range of opportunities on offer, such as dance shows and workshops; days with a west end professional; literacy and numeracy programmes and a fantastic PE programme, as well as many ‘one off’ taster sessions. 

It has been an excellent chance to work with some very talented year 5 and 6 students (and even years 3 and 4 at Gt Clacton), and of course their teachers. We believe that our transition sessions have developed deeper links between ourselves and our feeder schools; to help ensure students have the smoothest transition between Primary and Secondary, and also to share the expertise between the teachers at the different schools. 

The results from the various programmes run at Alton Park, Cann Hall, St Osyth and Gt Clacton have all produced some fabulous success stories. We have enjoyed hosting

Whitehall for some mornings and afternoons, and are looking forward to seeing the Frobisher year 6 production of ‘The Mer-chant of Venice’, which has been a huge undertaking, but is promising to be very special. I know that all of the staff who have been involved in transition this year have been incredibly impressed by the students of our feeders, and really looking forward to seeing their reactions to the surprises they have planned! 

E Kirby - AAVP Teaching Programmes and Transition