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What’s going on @ CCA? 07/02/2014

posted 7 Feb 2014, 02:32 by H Slim   [ updated 14 Feb 2014, 03:43 ]

On Monday 27th January year 7 students took part in a Chinese opera workshop to support the current scheme of work in Drama – Drama from Around the World. 

The workshop was led by Chinese Opera performer Kathy Hall, who is part of Wise Moves Dance Company. Students learnt the stock characters of the theatre such as the man, the lady, the clown and how each character has a very different walk and set of actions. They also had the opportunity to work with fans; I myself had a go and had to ask students to help me open the fan as the motion was very difficult. This however didn’t per-turb the students and soon they were working with them like it was second nature. 

I was very proud when Kathy herself commented on how well behaved the students were and that they were ‘much better than most places she has been’. The students were a credit to themselves and the year team. 

The students themselves said: 

It was a great experience and I would like to try it again. 

It was interesting and I learned how to flick a fan open. 

Everyone had fun, I liked the fans. 

I hope that the students will now take what they have learnt from this into their lessons and further develop their drama skills by taking on board the different performance skills. 

Mrs Beacham - Learning Director for Creativity, Production and Design 

Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge 

On Monday 3rd February, 22 year 10 students took part in the annual Speak Out Challenge provided by the Jack Petchey Foundation. The day was fantastic and the students were a real credit to the Academy. The students were trained by the regional director Jonathan Drew and he had the following to say: 

It was a real pleasure to spend time at your school on Monday performing the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge workshop. I was delighted at how all the students handled the workshop and to see them fully participated and engaged with the programme. Clearly the standard of speaking varied across the group but their focus and appetite to learn was a real credit and from collating the feedback the students certainly reaped the rewards. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop! The students were a joy to work with! The feedback received tells me that the day was an outstanding success and that they got plenty of value from it. It was also a joy to witness so many students take a giant leap in their ability. 

Thank you to you and all the students who participated. 

Students also gave the following comments: 

Benjamin said – “This was a truly excellent experience and I will cherish these skills for the rest of my life.” 

Nat said – “I think today’s training really helped me raise my confidence.” 

Anon said – “This was a brilliant chance for me to boost my confidence and it did – so I thank you.” 

James said – “It helped me communicate with others a lot better.” 

Ryan – “ I thought that it was a really good day overall and that the training was interesting and engaging. 10 out of 10.” 

Lili-Marie said – “Today’s training was an absolutely mind blowing experience! Very inspirational too!” 

Hannah said – “I’m quite a shy person so the advice given was really useful and the day was worthwhile.” 

Zach said - “It was a very interesting day and it has given me good skills that I can use through my life.” 

At the end of the day, Mrs Wood and Mrs Fry had the difficult task of choosing 4 winners however; it was so difficult that they had to pick 5! The winning students were, Ben Rockell, Kaija Lawley, Elle Millhouse, Andreas Allen and Zach Walter. They will now work with Mrs Wood on their speeches before being narrowed down further to one winner and one reserve. Watch this space!