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What’s going on @ CCA? 15th November

posted 15 Nov 2013, 06:10 by H Slim   [ updated 15 Nov 2013, 06:10 ]

Year 10 GCSE Drama students have started their GCSE course by preparing for and performing at the World Aids Festival at the Mercury Theatre on Monday 11th November.

Students started by work shopping responses to Myth Vs Fact using Drama techniques to really consider how the AIDS/HIV sufferers may feel, the stigma that they may face

and how friends and family might respond. Students then went away and conducted their own research before a workshop from the Terrence Higgins Trust so that the myths

could be dispelled and the facts revealed.

This then informed a piece of drama centred about the character of Rachel; she finds out that she is HIV+, some of her friends are supportive but they don’t really know

anything about the virus, some treat her with discontent and make assumptions about her as a person whilst her family show their ignorance about the virus. She then 

approaches her teacher for support; on the outside she seems supportive and wants to help but on the outside she too doesn’t understand fully as she knows nothing about 

the virus. Support is then put in place and Rachel ends up with the realisation that people can be ignorant to the facts surrounding HIV and AIDS but doesn’t understand why 

this means that she should be judged.

The piece highlighted the importance of educating people about HIV/AIDS and that sufferers would just like to be treated like normal people; a notion that echoed the ideas

of the Terrence Higgins Trust and what the Aids Festival is all able. The compare picked up on the final line of the piece, Life is a virus, embrace it, and commented just how 

true this is; HIV/Aids sufferers are just normal people who want to go about a normal life.

The year 10 students were highly motivated and prepared for this performance and made me feel very proud.

Mrs Terri Beacham

Director of Creativity, Production and Design

PE Open Evening a Hit With Families

Last Monday night, the PE department opened its doors to the community in order for parents/carers to play sport against their children for free. Over 20 families turned up

for the 2 hour event that included the chance to play Table Tennis, Badminton and to use our state of the art Fitness Suite. 

Alongside the activity and healthy competition, there was the opportunity to taste samples of delicious healthy food and ‘smoothies’ courtesy of the CCA hospitality

department as well as picking up further information on healthy living from community health professionals. 

Curriculum Leader PE, Dan Smith commented that: ‘’It was great to see so many families playing sport together and genuinely enjoying the sense of real community’’. A 

parent of a year 8 student enjoyed the evening so much that she said “I wish that this was on every week. I loved the opportunity to play all these different sports with my 

son; I feel it has brought us closer together”.

Due to the demand and also the success of the open evening, the PE department have decided to build this into their extra curricular provision and offer this as a community 

club every half term. The next evening is already being planned….watch this space!!!