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What’s going on @ CCA? 29th November 2013

posted 29 Nov 2013, 06:42 by H Slim   [ updated 29 Nov 2013, 06:42 ]
Review of the Year 9 Road Safety Drama Presentation 

The presentation was about the dangers of not wearing seat belts and of distracting the driver while they are driving. The performance we watched on November 20th was very interesting and a bit sad. Ann was in a car accident and had to have 347 stitches in her face. The accident was caused by her and her brother arguing in the car while their mother was driving. She didn’t have her seatbelt on so she flew forward into the windscreen. 

Her sister Claire got into a fight at school because 2 girls were being mean to Ann about her stitches when she went back to school. Ann’s operation became too much for her to handle so she committed suicide. 

She jumped off a 14 storey flat block. It was upsetting when they told us that it was a true story because it must have been a horrible thing to go through and she just couldn’t take it anymore. I enjoyed watching this performance. 

By Jasmine Laurenson, Year 9 

Congratulations to the above Inner college students that took part in the Sporting Chances for Young people Active IQ course . The students worked hard over the past six weeks, and achieved their qualification. Well done to;

Charlie Cotier

Anthony Sheekey

Billy Wilkes

Tony Georgiev

Jack Wicks

Luke Moncur

Gary Brown

Alfie McDowell

Daniel Salmon

Jason Wilkes

Also a special thank you to Mick Carter the Active IQ course

leader and Nicola Watt the Inner college LSA.