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Year 9


Year 9 Update

What is the recipe for successful achievement? How do you recognise when you’ve achieved something? This may be a rather obtuse question but ask yourself – do you appreciate your achievements, be they large or small? If not, why not?

Achievement is not just about how famous or rich you are or whether you are wearing the latest designer clothes or you have the latest mobile phone.

Achievement is about something that you alone have accomplished through great effort, skill, perseverance or courage. In many ways personal achievement begins in the mind of the individual and no matter how small or big that personal achievement is it needs to be recognised and celebrated. Already throughout your life you have achieved a great many things, including:

your first steps – from infant to school and now your first steps into Key Stage 4 and Year 10; learning to read and write – from your ABC’s and now very soon your GCSE’s.

Whatever you choose to do in life a “can do” attitude goes a long way to ensuring you accomplish your goals and remember, always “do your best” and you will achieve.

“There are just three essential ingredients to achievement: Choose a career you love, give it the best there is in you, seize your opportunities and be a member of the team!” Attendance The attendance campaign is ‘hotting’ up and students’ who achieve 100% attendance at the end of this term, will be able to ‘cool’ down with a refreshing ice cream cornet plus a flake, courtesy of A.B.M.

Year 9 Options Process Evaluation

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