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posted 22 Nov 2013, 04:17 by H Slim   [ updated 22 Nov 2013, 04:23 ]

Year 7 7PRU

As with all tutor groups, this week 7PRU have been focusing on the national ‘anti-bullying’ campaign (18th-22nd November 2013) completing a number of tasks. We have

looked at the various issues with social network sites, and how to be safe online, during SEAL time. On Monday, a hard hitting film called “You are not alone”, written and

performed by our Year 11 Prefects, gave us serious ‘food for thought’. Early in the week we identified what bullying ‘is’ and how it manifests itself (it being, in short, anything

that makes someone feel like they are being bullied; be that through emotional, physical or mental harm) and what to do should we experience, or know somebody subject to, bullying. 

We concluded the week by making our “You are not alone” ginger bread figures, linking these together in solidarity, making our message clear; this being that there is no place for bullying in 7PRU and beyond.

Mr Ruffell

Form Tutor

Year 8


I’d firstly like to congratulate Year Eight on a hugely successful trip to Hampton Court. This was a trip organised by the History department providing students the

opportunity to develop their understanding of the Tudors. Students once again, did the Academy exceptionally proud through their maturity and outstanding behaviour. 

Well done! During tutorial this week, students have been working on a carousel of activities linking to anti-bullying, as part of the national campaign. This year, the students have been looking at the dangers and consequences of cyber bullying which has led to some outstanding discussion work. I was particularly impressed with Mr Percival’s form group who really explored the issue considering its impact and effect.

Huge congratulations must go to Mrs Barton’s form this week who achieved 100% attendance! This is the second time so far this year 8IBA has won the weekly attendance –

fantastic! Who is going to win next week? Don’t forget! ‘Post interim report drop-in’ Tuesday 26th November in the Community Centre from 3.15pm until 5.30pm allowing 10 

minute slots per appointment.

Miss Blagrove

Year 8 Achievement Director

Year 9


Well lots to get excited about at the moment. Anti-bullying week has been a massive success and we will report back more on this next week. We had a Road Safety production this week and the team that led this event commented how well all the year 9 students behaved. Attendance has started to improve so thank you parents on all your support in getting students in, Year 9 is such an important year. 

I have arranged a STEM Focused enterprise day with the director of Class of your own, we will also have some professionals from industry leading the session from RICS

“Royal institute of chartered surveyors” as well as a top profession Architect. This will take place next Wednesday between 8.30-3.30. This will involve around 100 students

from C band and selected students from O who have shown an interest in the project. Students will take on roles and responsibilities of a building design company to create 

a standalone Eco home/Class room for their local community. They will also design an adjacent wildlife garden to encourage a natural habitat. Students will be guided by 

professionals, but allowed free rein to explore ideas and research facts. 

At the end of the session they will present their designs to a professional judging panel and prizes will be awarded.

Let Battle Commence!!!

Year 9 will also have a future National Grid day which is in the pipe line. This will be looking at sustainable energy and supply linked closely to an ITQ project you have undertaken with myself and Mr Laing. All students within the year group so far have passed the first unit, with a result of at least level 1, which is the equivalent of a E grade at GCSE. Over half the year have passed at level 2 which is the equivalent of a B grade at GSCE. 

Well students on your hard work. Some positive praise for English Class 902; English class 902 are making excellent progress during class this week. The groups are working on an anti-bullying writing task, that included an empathic element. The class have made excellent progress and have spent time thinking maturely about how victims may feel in this situation. 

What is particularly pleasing is the way in which the students have embraced the notion that improving work will result in higher levels. The class have written, evaluated, and then redrafted their work to an excellent standard.

Well done 9O2!

Don’t forget Rollerworld is fast approaching so please can all money be in for Wednesday 27 to secure your place.

Thank you.

Mr Hodge

Year 9 Achievement Director

Year 10

“Courage to Care” Awards

Firstly, a big thank you to all those parents and carers who came to Parent’s Evening last night. It was a pleasure to meet so many of you and to see all the students’ hard work being celebrated. It was clear on talking to students that they were fully aware of what they needed to do in order to progress further in their chosen subjects and I look forward to seeing the results of all their hard work.

If you were unable to attend this event for any reason, please feel free to call the Academy and speak to individual subject teachers about any concerns or questions that you may have. Well done to 10SSL who were victorious last week in the Tutor group attendance league. It was great to see a different tutor group winning this! Students have been taking part in various activities this week to mark Anti Bullying Week which is a national campaign to highlight the issue of bullying among young people. 

Once again, the students in Year 10 had a very mature approach to these activities. I look forward to being able to hand out lots of ‘Courage to Care’ awards very shortly.

Miss Wells Miss Fröning

Year 10 Achievement Year 10 Deputy

Director Achievement Director

Year 11

Excellent Feedback

Every week we send out a ‘Year 11 News Bulletin’ to our tutors to deliver in Friday’s tutor time sessions. It’s a good way of sharing information that is specific to our year group e.g. dates and locations for specific career talks, congratulating key students and awarding Vivos and sharing student voice.

EN11A1 were our stars this week and were each awarded 20 Vivos. This is what their teacher, Mrs Heffer, wrote about


Mrs Starmer and Mrs Galloway

Achievement Directors, Year 11