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posted 17 Jan 2014, 05:40 by H Slim   [ updated 23 Jan 2014, 05:44 ]

Year 7 

Attendance = Achievement = Progress 

As 2014 continues a pace as do year 7. With programmes like Infinity Academy, Children's University, RNLI, Childline initiatives and of course their lessons, students are certainly busy. All this work will be worth it and will equal progress and achievements. 

The main focus this week when out of lessons is Children's University. Year 7 are getting their passports up to date for the graduation next month. 

Charity links for year groups are important. Over the next couple of weeks the form captains and year council will be supporting the year team with raising money for those charities. 

The progress and work I have seen so far this term has been impressive. Keep up the good work and everybody get behind the saying “attendance = achievement = progress.” 

Mr A Davenport 

Year 7 Achievement Director 

English 7C1 Superstars! 

Just wanted to pass on some praise for 7C1; they have absolutely blown me out of the water this week in English. Their enthusiasm, engagement and quality of work has been amazing. They are always prepared to learn, they work collaboratively, they stay on task and best of all they have the ‘thirst for knowledge’ that Ofsted spoke about in the recent feedback. 

Fantastic improvements 7C1 – Miss Brazier. 


Competition time 

It’s been a busy week in the Year Eight community with the launch of Infinity Academy, the N-Power football tournament, girl’s cricket match and NHS competition! 

20 students from Year Eight were put forward to participate in an exciting and inspiring extracurricular literacy programme, which also provided access to a sports programme that focused very much on goal setting and personal coaching. I was thrilled to hear the positive comments from the first session, and I look forward to seeing the progress over the forthcoming weeks. A special mention must go to the following students who stayed behind on Tuesday evening to prepare an entry for a competi-tion run by the NHS; Jasmine Metcalfe, Jenita Johnson, Charlie Powell, Aimee Lawrence, Chloe Righelato and Leon McCullough. I’d also like to thank some of our wonderful prefects for giving up their time to support these students. Entries will be submitted next week – good luck! 

Our girl’s cricket team went off yesterday to compete against Hall Mead and successfully made it through to the semi-finals which will take place in March. A huge congratulations to the following girls; Saffron Heffer, Kiera Boyce, Lorna Sharpe, Chloe O’Reilly, Mia Fowler, Kasia Bates-Cutts, Lauren Gunkel, Chloe Ranson and Katie Black! I look forward to the Semi’s! 

Don’t forget! 100% attendance will give you the chance to ‘Bee in a Onesie Day!’ 

Miss Blagrove 

Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 

Thinking about your future 

Lots to plan for over these next 4 weeks, things really are starting to get interesting for year 9. From now on life really does start here and I have been visiting tutor groups putting the question to students: “what will you do next?” Options and life changing choices will be the topic of conversation for many year 9’s and we are here to help. The year team have started to bring different career options into tutorial and the focus over the next couple of weeks is the NHS with over 350 possible job roles it might just be the dream career. We have a dedicated Information and Guidance team in the pod as well as lots of up and coming events for the diary. Shortly you will receive information regarding the Futures Festival at Coast site on the 11th of February. At this event students will have the opportunity to meet with potential employers. Then on 13th February you will discuss your progress and attainment with teachers at parents evening. After half term our options evening will take place where you can learn more about the amazing courses and GCSE’s that are available, more details to follow. 

Talking about your future, eighteen year 9 students have taken their future in their own hands by signing up to Infinity Learning Academy (Learning without limits). This by invitation only programme is aimed at stretching some of our student’s minds through small group tuition and interactive iPad learning. This is an excellent opportunity to develop core skills in the build up to their GCSE’s. 

Our Class of Your Own winners from back in December have been invited to present their ideas at the Royal Institute for Chartered Surveyors headquarters in London’s parliament square on the 20th of March. Students involved will see their design transformed into a realistic CAD model where the student will then explain the thought process behind the design. Good luck to all. 

Mr Hodge 

Year 10 

Amazing Achievement 

It was lovely to share the successes of our VIVO VIPs this week in assembly. A number of students, received badges for this achievement and will also receive a weekly treat. The winners have all been regularly awarded VIVOs by their subject teachers for things such as ‘positive attitude to learning’, ‘leadership’ and ‘collaborative work’ amongst other things. These awards are a true testament to the hard work that is put in by the students and the enthusiasm and support that they offer to each other. 

We also have BTEC Science Ambassadors now in Year 10. Mrs Brooks Dickens has been hugely impressed with Year 10 and the hard work that they have put in to their BTEC science course. We already have 97% of students working at a pass or higher – an amazing achievement at this stage in Year 10. These students will be offering support to their peers and also attending meetings with the Science Department. 

A big well done to 10KMI for winning the tutor group attendance league this week and also to Victoria Anderson for being the top VIVO winner this week in Year 10. Our Behaviour for Learning champions also attended a workshop and the staff members involved commented that Year 10 students had lots to offer and will now be able to support their peers in the class-room. 

Miss Wells Year 10 Achievement Director                                                Miss Froning   Year 10 Deputy Achievement Director 

Year 11 

VIVO stars

As you can see from the ‘Top 10 in Year 11’ chart for Vivos (below), we have some clear shining stars. The Year 11 team would particularly like to congratulate Brodie Cowdry on his excellent transformation last term. Brodie was the overall winner for the ‘Best improved behaviour in 2013’; he has been working very closely with the Behaviour4Learning team and this had a huge impact. Brodie was awarded £25 of a voucher of his choice in our last assembly before Christmas. It is also important to mention that Paige Knibb was a very close second place – I look forward to seeing Paige continue to work well this term. Perhaps she will be the next person to win this award at Easter? 

Mrs Starmer and Mrs Barry 

Year 11 Achievement Directors