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Year Team Spotlight

posted 9 May 2014, 02:32 by H Slim   [ updated 9 May 2014, 02:33 ]

Year 7 Progress 

The first full week back after Easter is always a demanding one for students. Deadlines, homework, classwork, assessments all start this week as discussions for year 8 are happening. 

So, attitudes to work, deadlines, assessments are all vital. 

Progress is key, attendance is key. Keep pushing year 7 ! 

Mr Davenport 

Year 7 Achievement Director 

Year 8 8PIC 8IGHTS! 

Spot light on English 

Students have been developing their Shakespearian knowledge in English this term whilst studying The Tempest. The enthusiasm across the classes has been fantastic and students are fully immersing themselves into the play, taking on character role and analysing some quite complex language. 

Community Centre Pride 

I was delighted to receive an email from the community centre regarding some of our 8PIC 8IGHTS and thought I’d share it with you. 

Brandon Hunt, Sydney Knight and Stephen Kidby 

“These students have begun helping us out after school with our tuck shop and setting up/shutting down our afterschool clubs etc. As well as this, Brandon and Stephen help out too with our breakfast clubs. 

They do a brilliant job, they uses their initiative and are professional with their manner. They show good practice with hygiene etc and are very eager to learn. 

It began with me showing one of the year 9’s how to use the cash till out of curiosity, and its lead to all of them practically running the tuck shop every night. They fight over the days they are going to help, so now we have had to put together a rota! I am so confident in their commitment that I have invested in them all having their own name badges whilst behind the kitchen. 

The brightest star, of all the bright stars, has to be Brandon. He is committed to any time he agrees to. If he says he’ll be here at 8am for breakfast club, he’ll be here at 10 to! He rushes over here afterschool for his days and is so keen to learn how things are done and is taking full opportunity of the work experience. We put no pressure on these students; it is simply off their own back to help out. And I hope the volunteering they are completing here at the Centre has had an impact on their confidence and conduct in school, because we certainly have noticed an impact on them while here. 

An EPIC congratulations Brandon, Sydney and Stephen – well done! 

Miss Blagrove Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 Inter House Competition 

This week year 9 hosted the latest inter house event with the football. All the houses were represented in the 7 aside competition which saw some very tight matches played. The teams played in a league format and then went through to a final where Holst, who had been undefeated throughout went up against Churchill. The eventual score was 1-0 to Churchill after a run from Bobby Nesling put the ball past the stranded keeper with 30 seconds to go. The 3rd and 4th play off went to penalties where the keepers put in some excellent saves. After the first 5 try's it was 1-1 and went to sudden death. We went to the 8th round before we had Hitchcock who came 3rd. 

Mr Hodge Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Exam Preparations 

It has been a busy week this week in Year 10 with a Maths exam on Thursday morning for all of the students. This proved to be a fantastic opportunity for the students to experience the pressure and protocols of exams. Well done to all the students for taking such a mature and focused approach to this exam. The majority of Year 10 students have an English literature exam on May 14th and May 22nd. The students should all be spending some time each day revising for this exam at home and it is also crucial that the students check the revision page on EDMODO as there are lots of useful resources being uploaded daily by English teachers. 

Morning exams begin at 9am and afternoon exams begin at 1pm. It is absolutely vital that students attend punctually or they risk not being allowed to sit the exam. Please also remind your child that in order to sit external exams, full school uniform must be worn. 

Miss Wells Year 10 Achievement Director 

Miss Froning Year 10 Deputy Achievement Director 

Year 11 Business Dress 

Following an extremely successful round of interviews with local businessmen and women, it has been decided that our Year 11 pupils will now be given the option of wearing business dress every Friday between now and when they leave school. This will start on Friday 9th May 2014 and prepare them nicely for the Sixth Form here at CCA next year where students are required to wear similar clothing. We would all like to congratulate Year 11 on how smart they looked for their interviews and the way in which they conducted themselves. 

Mrs Starmer Year 11 Achievement Director 

Mrs Barry Year 11 Deputy Achievement Director