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Year Team Spotlight

posted 6 Jun 2014, 04:41 by H Slim   [ updated 6 Jun 2014, 04:42 ]

Year 7 Spelling Experts 

This week 7KAL have been trying to find different ways, to learn their spellings in tutorial. 

The challenge was to create a story, using the nine words they need to learn, for their spelling test next week. Everybody in the class was given the same words and same amount of time to complete the task. Working in pairs, or groups of three, they created some AMAZING stories! 

Jessica Harrison, Mia Rose Cowell and Megan Hazelwood wrote about a troll and his friend Nelson, a dance teacher who lived in a settlement called Hoppingshore. Lucy Sage and Chloe Towler described a lonely girl who discovered an elevation machine, whilst Jason Kelly and Bradley Hutchinson created a story about a boy, who had interesting facial expressions. 

I was particularly impressed with the way that each group worked together to investigate the meaning of the words using a dictionary and how imaginative they were! 

Miss Allington 

Year 8 8PIC 8IGHTS! 

A warm welcome back! I hope you have had a restful break. We are in for a jam-packed half term – here are some dates for your diary; 

Monday 14th July Year Eight Awards Ceremony – more details to follow. 

Tuesday 15th July Celebr8 Charity Extravaganza – You will soon receive your invite to join us for our charity event in a bid to raise money for Cancer Research UK, starting from 3pm – 5pm. 

Tuesday 15th July Speak Out Finale – Once again years 7, 8 and 9 will be competing against each other in our second Speak Out completion. More information to follow. 

Thursday 17th July Year trip to Southend – there are still spaces available! If you have lost your letter, there are spares in the Year Office. 

Please may I take this opportunity to give a gentle reminder about uniform; in hot weather, students are allowed to carry their blazers. We just ask that students enter and leave the Academy wearing their blazers. Skirt lengths – please en-sure these are a suitable length – skirts should sit just above the knee. 

Have a great week Miss Blagrove - Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 Charity Fair

Year 9+ starts next week with students heading into their options subjects where they will get a first and experience of life as a KS4 student. The time table will change for the remaining weeks at the academy to accommodate the options blocks, students core subject teachers will remain the same. 

Students have been making preparations and getting ready for activities week. After the success of last year’s charity fair we will run this again so I encourage students to bring in money to support our charity Cancer research this year, similar format where student can exchange 10p for a ticket to use on the stools. We will also be having a Retro sports day where team work and cooperation is the theme of the day, classic competitions such as Egg and spoon, over under and the Sack race. We still have some places on the Paintball and Ski centre trip so I advise to get money in before the deadline of 20th June. 

Two students in year 9 have just reached the fantastic mile stone of 200+ commendations. So well done to Kiazhanna Baker-Williams and Annie May-Kitchener on 218 and 212 respectively. Keep up the hard work. Could they hit 1000 in the summer team like they both did in the spring? 

Mr Hodge Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Tears of joy!  

“Don’t you ever feel like screaming at them? How do you stop yourself from walking out of the room sometimes?” These are questions that I am asked on virtually a daily basis by friends and family interested in finding out about the job that I do. The answer………..”yes of course I do but then one of them says or does something truly amazing and it reminds me of why I do it!” 

Last half term was full of moments like this; on the verge of tears (of despair) and then tipping over the edge with tears of pride and joy. Fortunately, Year ten has provided far more of the latter moments for me and the rest of the Year team! 

As we approach the end of Year ten, the students are really starting to shine. They are finding out what their skills are and they are working hard to improve in the areas that still require attention. Attendance has continued to rise among the students and this just proves how determined they are to excel and also shows a level of maturity as they make the unarguable link be-tween good grades and good attendance in school. 

This half term should be seen as a perfect opportunity for Year ten students to prepare themselves for next Year. Students should be reminded that starting Year 11 ‘on the back foot’ will make it a much more difficult year and so I would like to take this opportunity to remind students that the KS4 Study Centre is available for use after school every day. Being up to date with work at this stage sets the students up for a great year in Year 11. 

Year 11 Prom Date 

Please note this event is for year 11 only.