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posted 4 Jul 2014, 05:25 by H Slim   [ updated 4 Jul 2014, 05:27 ]

Year 7 Year Group Story 

Our tutor time has been a little different recently, 7CJN along with the rest of year 7 have been reading an ongoing story. This story is written a chapter at a time and we are excited to read each new chapter as it is released every morning. The story has captured our imagination as it focuses on the World Cup! Each chapter is written with the previous night’s game in mind. We are always keen to see what the author will do next and how he will link it to the football. 

As we approach the end of this year, there is a lot to look forward to. We have recently taken part in a year 7 rounders tournament and the enthusiasm of out tutor group was fantastic – we could have entered two teams! With this in mind, the buzz for the upcoming sports day is exciting. We are looking forward to taking part and supporting each other. 

Not forgetting the end of year trip to Pleasurewood Hills and Danbury, the next two weeks will be full of adventure and fun. The perfect end to a lovely year. 

Miss C Jordan Year 7 Tutor 

Year 8 8PIC 8IGHTS! 

The end of term is fast approaching! I have been delighted to see students continuing to maintain a real thirst for learning and positivity throughout the Academy. 

Over the last week, students chose which three creative subjects they’d like to take through to Year Nine. This will allow students additional time on their timetable next year for other academic subjects. As we move into Year Nine, there will be a complete program for students as we prepare them for their option choices. 

Activities week: Monday: We have our data conference and end of year awards – if you haven’t already, you should receive a letter over the next days to inform you which ceremony your child is in. 

Tuesday: We will be taking part in an extra-curricular activity led by ‘Class of your Own’ in which the students will have an exciting opportunity to experience surveying and construction skills. The final preparations are coming together for our final ‘Celebr8 Charity Extravaganza’ which will take place after school at 3pm. Invitations have now gone out and we very much look forward to seeing you there! 

Wednesday: Sports day! The students will be competing in house teams in a variety of team and track events or cheering on their participants from the side lines. 

Thursday: Adventure Island fun! You should have by now paid any outstanding finances for the trip. Should you have any problems, please contact the year office. Students who are not going on the trip will be partaking in the Pier to Pier walk. 

Friday: Summary of the year and end of year assemblies. 

I’d like to extend my congratulations to those who were involved in the end of year show, ‘Now that’s what I call theatre’. Year Eight were an absolute credit to the show – well done! 

Miss J Blagrove Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 Option Subjects 

Year 9 have complete 4 hours of their taster subjects so far and the response from staff and students has been very positive. I know that both my Electronics groups and Design Engineer Construct groups have been fantastic with some real stars, such as Sam Boone for his work on REVIT “Future Civil Engineer in the making”. The next stage of the options process is to now support students with the potential changes they wish to make ready for year 10. Letters will be sent out this week outlining how students can go about selecting a new options subject if required. 

Letters will also be coming out this week about the Pier to Frinton walk that the students will undertake as part of our support for our charity this year “Cancer Research”. The boys within the year group will have a session next week finding out about teenage and male related cancers and the things they can do to check and support themselves for the future. 

I also received this lovely email from Mrs Sutton: 

Since March of this year, nine students from year 9 have been taking part in a Communication Leaders Project. This was to encourage, build confidence and help to improve the communication skills in some Year 7 Students. Each week they attended a tutor time session and during these 20 minutes they taught small groups of students various activities. 

They attended each session ready and willing to help the year 7’s, they learnt to differentiate the activities to suit the students they worked with and when it came to the year 7 students transitioning into mainstream lessons the year 9’s calmed and encouraged them that all would be ok in the main academy and there was nothing to worry about. 

I have seen over the past few months my students open up more to the leaders and their confidence grow when speaking to others around the academy as well, this being from the efforts that the Communication Leaders have put in. 

They were truly a pleasure to have within the class: Sam Boone, Travis Young, Alfie McDougall, Courtney Humphrey, Chloe Noble, Emily Malone, Danielle White, Jamie-Lee Cole and Kiazhanne Baker-Williams. 

Well done to all involved. 

Mr Hodge Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Work Experience 

It’s getting very close to the end of term for Year ten now and it really has been an amazing week. The students have been busy preparing for their work experience and attending interviews with their placements. I have been extremely proud to see so many students showing a real maturity towards this. Most students have independently contacted employers, visited the placement and even attended a formal interview in some cases. This is a nerve wracking experience for adults, so I can only imagine how nervous the students were feeling! If your child is yet to return their reply slip, please ensure that this is completed as soon as possible and returned to the Careers Zone. 

Last week I had the pleasure of watching Year ten girls win their rounders match against TTC after school. The girls played fantastically well…..I wasn’t aware that Angel Butler had such a great throw on her! I look forward to supporting the Year Ten sports teams more in the future. Well done, girls! 

We are looking forward to taking a large number of the year group to Thorpe park next week for the day. A great way to relax after a busy year. I would like to ask all parents and carers to ensure that they perform a ‘sun dance’ for us in the morning! 

Miss Wells Year 10 Achievement Director 

Miss Froning  Year 10 Deputy Achievement Director