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posted 11 Jul 2014, 02:18 by H Slim   [ updated 11 Jul 2014, 02:18 ]

Year 7 The Big Finish 

This week is unusual. With 125 year 7's out at Danbury and with merged groups it's all a bit strange. I have to thank the year 7's who have remained here for their patience with timetable changes. 

I hear that everything at Danbury is going well and the children are having great fun. I can't do much with the weather but you can't have everything! 

Next week is all about patience, changes, preparation and attitude. Trip and walk on Monday, Awards Tuesday, Sports day on Wednesday, themed day on Thursday and then the big finish on Friday. 

Keep on keeping on Year 7! 

Mr Davenport 

Year 7 Achievement Director 

Year 8 8PIC 8IGHTS! 

I'm delighted to report that a small group of our 8pic 8ights made over £100 in a cake sale this week for the PETA charity. The girls baked their socks off to create a wonderful spread of different cakes and sweet treats. A fantastic achievement girls, well done! 

Another group of our 8pics successfully completed their Golf Course this week as part of an exciting opportunity in PE. Well done to everybody who took part! 

A polite reminder... 

We must have any outstanding trip money in as a matter of urgency. 

Please remember to ensure students bring their blazers to school despite the warmer weather. 

Have a great weekend. 

Miss J Blagrove Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 Option Subjects 

This week I had the opportunity to work with our year 9 deputy team leaders at Danbury which was fantastic and I was very proud and impressed with what the students were doing and how they organised the year 7 students. Once again a fantastic memory to cherish. 

Thinking about memories the last two years have been fantastic with so many amazing memories. Some of the high lights this year were: the options process and students thinking about their aspirations, the inter house football, dodgeball and table tennis, the visits this year to Essex Uni and the Royal Holloway Uni. AND the amazing COYO team, presenting at RICS headquarters and the festival of education. These are just some of the many that I could share with you during the last year. 

Options change over meetings have been taking place this week ready to make sure that we can hit the ground running in year 10. 

Now the students are making the transition to KS4 well rounded and ready to start the rest of their life. Next year the students will be supported by a fantastic team and I look forward to celebrating their success with them next year. 

Mr Hodge Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Prefect Quiz 

I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening on Wednesday at the ‘Prefects Staff Quiz.’ I was very proud to see Benjamin Rockell and Alice Gamby who were the hosts for the evening, doing such a great job – well done to you both. 

Year ten also enjoyed a great day out at Thorpe Park on Thursday. Although the weather wasn’t great, I understand that the students still managed to enjoy themselves – a lovely way to end a busy term. 

We now have work experience to look forward to next week in Year ten. The students have attended interviews and spoken to their employers; some have even been measured for uniforms! I would like to wish all students on Work Experience good luck in their placement. Make the most of this opportunity to have a taste of the world of work! 

Miss Wells Year 10  Achievement Director 

Miss Froning  Year 10 Deputy Achievement Director

Year 11 Prom 


Words cannot describe how proud we all felt of our wonderful Year 11 students as they arrived at the Prom on Friday 27th June 2014. The event, organised by Mrs Barry was supported by many teachers and sup-port staff who had all made a huge impact on our Year 11 students over their last five years here. We were entertained by the likes of the ‘CCA Lads’ who arrived in caravan nonetheless… with the CCA logo on the side! 

That shows just how proud our students are of studying here at our Academy. Our Prom King and Queen were Paige Knibb and Brodie Cowdry; they showed such maturity and elegance throughout the whole evening. The photos really do tell the bigger picture though….. 


The Year 11 team