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Year Team Spotlight

posted 29 Sep 2014, 06:54 by H Slim   [ updated 29 Sep 2014, 06:54 ]

Year 7 Excellent start! 

I would like to welcome year 7 students to a new year at CCA. The students have made a great start to the year with excellent attendance, punctuality and uniform which shows great promise for the year ahead. I was especially impressed by the way you conducted yourselves when attending the assemblies on Friday and Monday and also the patience during the CATS tests. It must have been Miss McClusky’s singing of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”! Only joking. 

I’m not joking when I say on behalf of all the year team that we look forward to working with you all over the forth coming year. 

Mr Davenport Year 7 Achievement Director 

Year 8 Super 8’s 

So the Super8’s have had an amazing start to the year! So far the year group have had 0 late marks which is a great start. The attendance is high at 97% and the commendations are flying in. Here are some of our super heroes from the first few week. 

Baily Smith-Ogg Katie Townsend Baily ward 

I was lucky enough to see the winning dance group from this weeks dance off in Mrs Partridges dance class. I’m looking forward to going back in a weeks’ time to see the final performance. 

I wanted to thank the parents who were able to make our coffee afternoon and share their thoughts with us as a team. My self and Miss Rawlings are very pleased to be working with you. We want to make your experience even better at CCA so to keep up with the latest information about the super 8’s follow us on twitter and check out the school website to see the latest bulletin. @Super8sCCA 

Mr Hodge Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 “Mighty Nines” 

Year 9 have enjoyed success this week with the "Mighty Nines Stars of the Week” with celebrations in Assembly for individuals and whole classes alike. They have embraced the idea of having a dream and working towards that goal, and will meet with the Careers Advisors as small groups to discuss their futures at CCA and beyond. 

Several students have met with Patrick Marlowe working together on the theme of Self Respect in anticipation of a new film venture and sporting fixtures have taken place, but we are yet to make our mark this term but it is early days indeed. 

Altogether a Mighty start to Year 9 ! 

Miss Newland Year 9 PSM 

Year 10 Vivos 

Year 10 have seen a fantastic start to the new academic year and it was a pleasure to celebrate in assembly our ‘stars’ for this week (see below). This week also saw the introduction of Vivos: Vivos are points that are earnt through excellent progress (both academic and behavioural) which can be swapped for prizes like phone top-ups, High Street shopping vouchers etc. Year 10 have certainly risen to the challenge with Hannah Dierkx having earnt 180 Vivos in just two weeks! Year 10, keep up the good work! 

Mrs Starmer and Mrs Lowis 

Year 10 Achievement Directors 

Year 11 Revision Sessions 

Welcome back to Year 11, and hasn't it been a great start to the new academic year already? I do hope that everybody - students, parents, and carers had a wonderful summer. This year is going to be exceptionally hard work for the students in year 11 and they are going to be under some pressure to meet deadlines, revise, attend after school catch ups and be role models for the younger students at the Academy. I have no doubt that they will all rise to this challenge in their own way and make us a very proud Academy next summer when we celebrate their fantastic results. 

We've already started with a rather intensive revision and intervention programme for students. Many students are already staying after school regularly to attend these sessions and really showing that they mean business this year! Thank you so much for your support in ensuring that all the students in Year 11 make the very most of each opportunity given to them, and encourage them to attend all the sessions offered to them. 

The first mention of the year has to go to the tightly fought contest for Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. All four candidates were exceptional and their campaigning was second to none. Congratulations go to Ben Rockell and Teala Johnson for winning at the polling booths. I am sure that they will do a great job this year and make the whole year group very proud. 

We will be using twitter to make lots of announcements and also to celebrate the work being done in Year 11. Please feel free to follow us @cca_11.

 Miss Wells Year 11 Achievement Director